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Special Features
  How to revitalize community pharmacy in India?,   February 01, 2023
  PPR: What prevents it? What to do next?,   January 25, 2023
  Growth, challenges of drug development in Indian market,   January 19, 2023
  Awake, arise and act,   January 11, 2023
  Exit exam excitements!,   January 04, 2023
  Biological buffers and their uses in pharma industry,   January 04, 2023
  Immuno-oncology - a new hope for cancer patients,   December 28, 2022
  For a healthier tomorrow, it is vital to get kids vaccinated,   December 21, 2022
  Can we make medicine labelling in India patient-friendly?,   December 14, 2022
  Gambia tragedy – educational perspective!,   December 06, 2022
  WHO global centre for traditional medicine,   November 30, 2022
  Next wave of AI in pharma - from cost-based to value-based models,   November 23, 2022
  Immunochemistry merging as a reliable field in pharma industry,   November 16, 2022
  India’s growth in biosimilars, presence in global market,   November 09, 2022
  PGIMER Ayurveda and traditional medicine,   November 02, 2022
  What are biomarkers and why are they important?,   October 27, 2022
  Five varieties of plasmodium causing malaria in human,   October 12, 2022
  Brain nutrition and its role in managing mental disorders,   October 05, 2022
  Corrective measures to be taken against policies of Big Pharma,   September 28, 2022
  Pharmacy profession gains remarkable prominence,   September 21, 2022

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