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  Siddha drug ‘Nilavembu Kudineer’ popular in Kerala as an effective medicine for dengue fever,   June 23, 2017
  ‘Vetrivriksham’ panel for Impcops election releases manifesto focusing on reforms in operations and priority for R&D,   June 22, 2017
  Shift from synthetics to biological & botanicals to naturals is gaining momentum as focus moves from illness centric to wellness centric: Dr Narayana,   June 15, 2017
  Experts in ayush sector want permission for internet sales of ayush products,   June 07, 2017
  Centre approves Joint Declaration of Intent between Germany and India regarding cooperation in alternative medicine,   May 31, 2017
  Govt of Kerala removes Ayurveda DC, charge given to state drugs controller,   May 13, 2017
  No coercive action can be taken on Ayush cos in India for ABS non-compliance as per constitution; CIDMA,   May 12, 2017
  Assns of ayurvedic physicians & cos in Kerala to intensify demand for separate drugs control wing,   May 11, 2017
  North East states have promising prospects for herbal cultivation: Dr DBA Narayana,   May 10, 2017
  ISMGA plans to contest election for board of directors of Impcops, announces name of presidential candidate,   May 10, 2017
  HC dismisses case on commercial utilisation of bio-resources for drugs & cosmetics, directs fresh filing of case at NGT,   May 05, 2017
  Ministry of Ayush funds Rs.300 crore for International Research Institute of Ayurveda in Kannur,   April 29, 2017
  IMAF to collaborate with Ayush ministry to ease export challenges of herbal products,   April 28, 2017
  Sharjah International Ayurvedic Conference & Expo on May 19 may attract 3,000 visitors from Arab countries,   April 25, 2017
  Sharjah International Ayurvedic Conference & Expo on May 19 may attract 3,000 visitors from Arab countries,   April 25, 2017
  Hearing awaited at Bombay HC on Ayush cos' PIL seeking clarity on ABS cases,   April 22, 2017
  Himalaya Drug bets on ethical promotion & wellness zones to drive its preventive health products,   April 18, 2017
  AMAM urges for a review of DMRA as Ayush ministry move to curb fictitious claims in ASU drug ads,   April 12, 2017
  Ayush ministry sets up 26 Ayush Information Cells in 24 countries to promote Ayush medicine,   April 11, 2017
  Decision to monitor Ayush advertisements likely to affect sale of several popular proprietary drugs, some products may be withdrawn,   April 06, 2017

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