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  Cellectis demonstrates fine & predictable tuning of TALEN gene editing targeting to improve T-cell adoptive immunotherapy,   November 22, 2017
  Illumina introduces CE-IVD marked NGS system NextSeq 550Dx System & expanded use of MiSeqDx system,   November 17, 2017
  AMAG announces autologous cord blood cells improve motor function in some children with cerebral palsy,   November 10, 2017
  Serum Institute of India launches Rotasiil vaccine, Rabishield monoclonal antibody,   November 01, 2017
  EMA accepts Sandoz proposed biosimilar pegfilgrastim for regulatory review,   October 28, 2017
  CDC's Advisory Committee recommends approval of Shingrix with QS-21 Stimulon as preferred vaccine for prevention of shingles,   October 27, 2017
  Biosimilars could help cut US health spend by $54 billion,   October 25, 2017
  ContraVir Pharma collaborates with Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology to develop vaccines for HBV infection,   October 21, 2017
  LifeCell challenges ICMR’s recommendation to suspend commercial banking of stem cells from cord tissue,   October 16, 2017
  GSK' shingles vaccine Shingrix receives Canadian approval,   October 16, 2017
  Qiagen bioinformatics and NGS solutions enable genomic breakthroughs,   October 16, 2017
  Sanofi to invest €170 million in new vaccine production facility in France,   October 12, 2017
  Bluebee, Pacbio Biosciences launch de novo genome assembly pipeline on Bluebee analysis platform,   October 11, 2017
  Agena, N-of-One collaborate to provide interpretation of cancer genomic data generated by MassARRAY System,   October 09, 2017
  Abeona to open commercial gene therapy mfg facility in Cleveland, Ohio,   October 06, 2017
  Karnataka govt approves Biotech Policy version 3 for 2017-22,   October 04, 2017
  Health ministry places order for 3.8 mn dose of rotavirus vaccine under UIP to combat severe gastroenteritis,   October 02, 2017
  Hilleman Labs receives Indo-Swedish grant to develop oral cholera vaccine,   September 28, 2017
  Brammer Bio expands cell and gene therapy capacity in Florida & Massachusetts facilities,   September 27, 2017
  BIRAC set to propel biotech innovation ecosystem of India and create a bio-economy,   September 25, 2017

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