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  2nd edition of NBEC launched to attract, identify & nurture bio-entrepreneurs with path-breaking ideas,   August 17, 2018
  Merck launches BioReliance ddPCR technology for cell and gene therapy development,   August 16, 2018
  Epygen Biotech gets exclusive license of thrombolytic protein from CSIR-IMTECH to treat ischemic strokes,   August 14, 2018
  Cellect Biotechnology inks collaboration with Cell2in to improve stem cell selection & expansion,   August 14, 2018
  GSK begins shipping of quadrivalent influenza vaccines to US market for 2018-19 flu season,   August 10, 2018
  Kemin Industries, Aptimmune form Kemin Biologics to manufacture & market Barricade swine vaccine technology outside US,   August 09, 2018
  IAVI, PHAC ink agreement for technology to enable Lassa fever vaccine development,   August 06, 2018
  Intas Pharma to launch pegfilgrastim biosimilar in Europe,   July 31, 2018
  Igenomix launches molecular diagnostic tool for chronic endometritis,   July 30, 2018
  Sanofi Pasteur launches quadrivalent influenza vaccine, FluQuadri in India,   July 27, 2018
  GSK, Adaptimmune complete transition of NY-ESO SPEAR T-cell therapy programme,   July 26, 2018
  Axol Bioscience unveils human iPSC-derived Atrial Cardiomyocytes,   July 21, 2018
  WHO calls upon to strengthen efforts to immunize five million unvaccinated children,   July 17, 2018
  Applied BioMath collaborates with Revitope for mechanistic PK/PD modeling in solid tumors,   July 12, 2018
  Global biosimilars market to reach US $ 23.63 billion by 2023: Study,   July 07, 2018
  VTT develops piglet vaccine to reduce antibiotics use,   July 03, 2018
  Study says BCG vaccine leads to long-term blood sugar improvement in type 1 diabetes,   June 23, 2018
  Experts see importance of voluntary blood donation to offset shortage of 70-75% blood reserves,   June 18, 2018
  MedGenome's OncoPept named 'Best Overall Genomics Solution' in 2018 MedTech Breakthrough Awards,   June 12, 2018
  WuXi to invest $60 million to establish biologics production facility in US,   June 11, 2018

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