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  PE/VC investments into healthcare and related companies decline almost 8% in 2022,   February 04, 2023
  TDMA to revamp its performance to strengthen pharma MSME sector in Telangana,   February 02, 2023
  China Plus One strategy by global MNCs affirmed India as an API outsource hub: Manoj Mehrotra,   January 24, 2023
  Pharma industry stresses on need for employee engagement with HR to offset challenges in work,   January 13, 2023
  Investments based on IEMs filed by pharma industry in first 10 months show decline,   January 06, 2023
  SSIs in South Indian states left in the lurch as marketing cos going to North for contract manufacturing,   December 28, 2022
  Manufacturers in southern TN grumble about local marking cos for not establishing business relationship with them,   December 27, 2022
  Pharma, healthcare & med-tech majors look to strengthen presence in India as growth prospects prevail,   December 21, 2022
  FDI inflow into pharma grows 25% in first half of FY 2022-23, hospitals and allied sectors also attract higher investment,   December 05, 2022
  IPM reports 8% growth during 3rd quarter of the year: IQVIA report,   November 30, 2022
  Indian pharma works to enable smart laboratory practices to spur transparency & efficiency,   November 24, 2022
  Several pharma SSIs in Telangana convert their production facilities into food supplements & Ayush drug production,   November 23, 2022
  Ikris Pharma highlights need for technologies like blockchain to pin down sources of medicine contamination,   November 23, 2022
  Tripartite agreement signed to give boost to pharma project in Pondicherry,   November 17, 2022
  Pharma counterfeits scene in India and global abysmal, risks patient health & revenue loss for genuine manufacturers,   November 10, 2022
  PE/VC investment into healthcare and related sectors decline 25% in first nine months of 2022,   November 05, 2022
  Karnataka govt scouts for anchor investors for pharma sector,   November 03, 2022
  Indian pharma and healthcare sectors working to formalize workforce with third party payroll,   October 27, 2022
  Pharma industry sees need to increase apprenticeship to strengthen talent supply chain,   October 26, 2022
  Domestic pharma market registers 6.2% growth in Sept,   October 22, 2022

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