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  Gujarat notifies minimum standards for path labs on par with Central govt's notification,   September 10, 2018
  Medical testing services to be crippled in Bihar as lab technicians go on strike,   September 06, 2018
  Patna HC orders closure of all illegal path labs in Bihar in 2 weeks,   September 01, 2018
  Genetics experts welcome health ministry's move to make genetic screening mandatory for pregnant women,   August 30, 2018
  India’s bid to create essential diagnostics list gains momentum as experts reach consensus on test catalogue,   August 23, 2018
  Neurosynaptic to expand remote medical diagnostics solution,   August 22, 2018
  NIB ready to evaluate HIV viral load monitoring kits; quality diagnostics to be a boon for thousands on ART,   July 26, 2018
  PathShodh Healthcare sees its Lab-on-Palm ‘anuPath’ to transform testing of vital parameters,   July 04, 2018
  Practicing pathologists from Maharashtra & Rajasthan oppose new Clinical Establishments Rules for diagnostic labs,   June 25, 2018
  Local bodies in Maharashtra gear up to curb operation of illegal pathology laboratories,   June 15, 2018
  WHO’s first diagnostics list to quicken India’s efforts to create national EDL, consultative meeting set for August,   May 17, 2018
  Inito sees VCs and PEs comprehend critical role of PoC in-vitro diagnostics in India,   April 24, 2018
  Samsung accelerates its healthcare technology adoption with other states to steer early detection of NCDs,   April 11, 2018
  Health Ministry bans Antibody Detecting Rapid Diagnostic Tests for routine diagnosis of malaria,   April 05, 2018
  Higher data yield at lower cost from genetic technologies to improve diagnosis & disease management,   March 03, 2018
  Neuberg Diagnostics to invest Rs.250 crore to expand its presence pan India, Middle East and Africa,   February 24, 2018
  Insurance co makes it mandatory to countersign lab reports by qualified pathologists for medical reimbursements,   February 15, 2018
  Small path labs sans pathologists mushroom across Maharashtra to rake in profit on outsourcing diagnostic services to corporate lab chains,   November 09, 2017
  Diagnostic industry rapidly adopting digital marketing to improve quality care, spur growth,   October 10, 2017
  Indus Health seeks partnership with govt for low cost mass screening to curb NCDs burden,   August 31, 2017

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