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  LDG India introduces advanced cancer treatments 'immunotherapy with dendritic cells',   January 12, 2018
  Health ministry intensifies fight against TB, writes to state TB officers to collect patient data,   January 10, 2018
  DCGI to direct state drug controllers to reinforce implementation of Sch H1 to improve TB notification,   January 09, 2018
  Tuberous Sclerosis alliance inks new partnership in Hungary,   January 06, 2018
  HCFI calls for cancer drugs to be under price control to make it affordable for masses,   January 06, 2018
  Statistical test relates pathogen mutation to infectious disease progression: Study,   December 30, 2017
  CAP releases new evidence-based practice guideline “HPV Testing in Head, Neck Carcinomas”,   December 21, 2017
  WHO releases USD 1.5 mn to fight diphtheria at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh as probable cases exceed 1,500,   December 20, 2017
  Eisai launches educational materials for understanding dementia,   December 19, 2017
  Rimidi, Eli Lilly ink agreement to personalize solutions for people using insulin,   December 16, 2017
  Health ministry declares India free from chronic infective eye disease ‘trachoma’,   December 12, 2017
  NIH forecasts approximately 6 million American with Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive impairment,   December 11, 2017
  Mekong countries call for accelerated action to eliminate malaria before 2030,   December 09, 2017
  DiRECT study finds Type 2 diabetes can be reversed,   December 07, 2017
  Gilead launches Gilead COMPASS Initiative, a10-year, $100 mn commitment to address HIV/AIDS epidemic in Southern US,   December 06, 2017
  Telangana govt contemplating to compensate TB patients through ‘DBT’ in line with KCR kit,   December 05, 2017
  AIDS Healthcare Foundation observes the World AIDS Day to continue fight against HIV/AIDS,   December 04, 2017
  WHO latest malaria report shows 5 million more cases in 2016 than in 2015,   December 01, 2017
  Oncologists push for smoking ban and hike in cigarette prices to keep lung cancer at bay,   November 30, 2017
  Nearly 6% of cancers are attributable to diabetes and high BMI: The Lancet,   November 29, 2017

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