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  Diabetes care is now more accessible and affordable in India with off patented drugs like SGLT2i: Dr Rajiv Kovil,   November 28, 2023
  Rise of prediabetes a concerning trend that impacts both individuals & community: Expert,   November 17, 2023
  Technological advancements in cancer care have led to precise, personalized treatments & improved outcomes: Experts,   November 13, 2023
  Experts caution India experiencing hypertension epidemic & requires interventions for timely treatment,   November 04, 2023
  Living alone can lead to cognitive deterioration or dementia: Experts,   November 03, 2023
  ICMR releases consensus document for management of prostate cancer,   October 21, 2023
  Biologics highly effective in managing symptoms & slowing progression in various forms of arthritis,   October 19, 2023
  Karnataka govt declares dementia as public health priority with no drug intervention to offset crisis,   September 23, 2023
  Experts concerned over surge in thyroid disease in India,   May 30, 2023
  Cardiac diseases in women are now addressed through potential drugs & launch of new molecules: Expert,   April 12, 2023
  HIV transmission through blood transfusion now at less than 1% as compared to 15% earlier: NACO,   March 31, 2023
  Patient groups awaiting clarity on inclusion of rare diseases as Union govt lists new ailments under NPRD,   March 27, 2023
  NACO concludes review of all SACS for implementation of AIDS control programme,   March 27, 2023
  Systematic tracking approach followed by testing is a must to curb spread of TB: Experts,   March 24, 2023
  Indian healthcare providers and pharma companies speed up to combat TB as drug resistance concerns emerge,   March 24, 2023
  ICMR releases draft consensus document for management of urinary bladder cancer,   March 22, 2023
  Lack of drug therapy to effectively manage brain injury a big concern: Dr N K Venkataramana,   March 20, 2023
  Being HIV positive is not a death sentence: Experts at ASICON,   March 18, 2023
  Union govt needs to fast-track R&D for rare disease medicines: Prasanna Shirol,   March 01, 2023
  National rare disorder registry on the cards to ascertain prevalence of rare disorders: Experts,   February 28, 2023

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