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  WHO publishes updated guidance on hepatitis C infection – with new recommendations on treatment of adolescents and children, simplified service delivery and diagnostics,   June 27, 2022
  US FDA releases Action Plan for Rare Neurodegenerative Diseases including ALS,   June 25, 2022
  GPLN confirms vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 detected in environmental samples in London, UK,   June 24, 2022
  Experts call for comprehensive care model for tackling sickle cell disease in India,   June 23, 2022
  Private sector participation needed to eliminate malaria in India,   June 23, 2022
  WHO publishes strategic framework for skin-related neglected tropical diseases,   June 15, 2022
  Technology advancements reducing insulin dependence among people with diabetes, say experts,   June 11, 2022
  Genesis Foundation, SBI Foundation jointly save 2-month-old baby from rare heart failure,   June 10, 2022
  WHO publishes new guideline with region-specific treatment recommendations for visceral leishmaniasis in patients coinfected with HIV,   June 10, 2022
  Horlicks Diabetes Plus, Apollo Sugar Clinics collaborate to raise awareness around concerns of diabetes,   June 09, 2022
  WHO updates recommendation for malaria chemoprevention among children and pregnant women,   June 06, 2022
  Ophthalmologists pledge to reduce preventable blindness to 50% by 2025 at the 80th AIOC 2022,   June 03, 2022
  Novartis partners with American Society of Haematology to fight sickle cell disease in Sub-Saharan Africa,   June 03, 2022
  NLR India releases findings of leprosy and lymphatic filariasis study,   May 27, 2022
  Thousands of patients in India missing out on lifesaving treatment for blood cancer,   May 26, 2022
  Glenmark launches “Hello Skin” -Whatsapp based chatbot to help patients suffering from fungal infections,   May 24, 2022
  Entod Pharma observes World Myopia Awareness Week to offset cataract, glaucoma and retinal eye detachment,   May 24, 2022
  Amgen, Lance Bass partner to encourage people to do a ‘Double Take’ to recognize early signs of psoriatic arthritis,   May 14, 2022
  Doctors call for more attention to plight of thalassemia patients,   May 10, 2022
  Takeda and UNGCNI team up to strengthen access to rare disease treatment in India,   May 09, 2022

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