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  Researchers create higher-quality pictures of biospecimens,   November 15, 2017
  Nipro Medical introduces single-use dialyzer, Cellentia-H Cellulose Triacetate at ASN Kidney Week conference,   November 06, 2017
  Ortek Therapeutics's electronic cavity detection device receives US FDA clearance,   October 26, 2017
  US FDA approves Acutus Medical's advanced cardiac mapping technology for complex arrhythmias,   October 26, 2017
  Abbott introduces US FDA approved smartphone compatible insertable cardiac monitor, Confirm Rx in US market,   October 25, 2017
  NuVasive gets US FDA expanded clearance for TLX Interbody System used in TLIF procedures,   October 18, 2017
  US FDA approves robotically-assisted surgical device, Senhance System for adult patients,   October 17, 2017
  US FDA approves first seven tesla magnetic resonance imaging device,   October 16, 2017
  Peerbridge Health receives US FDA marketing nod for Peerbridge Cor multi-channel remote ECG monitor,   October 06, 2017
  US FDA approves Pentax ED34-i10T duodenoscope with disposable distal cap,   September 22, 2017
  US FDA approves Senographe Pristina with Self-Compression, a mammography device with option for patient-assisted compression,   September 06, 2017
  Verathon introduces GlideScope Go, a new portable handheld video laryngoscope system,   September 05, 2017
  US FDA clears Aspect Imaging's Embrace Neonatal MRI system for neonatal brain & head imaging in NICU,   July 25, 2017
  MRI device could bridge neuro-technologies for medical diagnostics,   July 21, 2017
  Tyber Medical's TyFix all-in-one extremity joint fixation device receives 510(k) clearance,   July 14, 2017
  Zimmer introduces X-ray-based patient specific instrument system, X-PSI Knee System for total knee replacement surgery,   June 30, 2017
  US FDA approves NxStage's new System One haemodialysis system,   May 12, 2017
  US FDA approves MagVenture's TMS therapy system for depression treatment,   May 09, 2017
  Natvar introduces tight-tolerance microextrusion medical tubing product line for neurovascular, surgical applications,   May 08, 2017
  Source-Ray introduces US FDA approved new X-ray unit, UC-5000 for Urgent Care market,   May 02, 2017

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