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  IPA appeals to USTR to remove India from Priority Watch List as country made rapid progress on number of fronts,   February 12, 2019
  MSF, Lawyers Collective seek removal of Rule 3(f) from draft Patents Amendment Rules 2018,   January 21, 2019
  Delhi HC asks Central govt to file status report on amendment to Form 27 for working of patents in three weeks,   January 16, 2019
  Patent experts welcome DoP's decision to deregulate prices of patented orphan and innovative drugs,   January 10, 2019
  Xperia Healthcare files trade mark opposition against Matrix Healthcare for passing off case of hypertension drug,   November 15, 2018
  Bombay HC imposes Rs.1.5 cr fine on Galpha Labs for violating Glenmark's trademark,   September 03, 2018
  FICCI seeks amendment in Form 27 & patent law to facilitate commercialisation of patented product & ease of doing business,   April 16, 2018
  Pharma associations from India, America and Japan seek amendment to Sec 146 of Patents Act for working of patents,   April 11, 2018
  Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance urges govt to effectively use patent law to safeguard public health,   April 09, 2018
  Patent experts call on govt to amend Form 27 for 'working of patents' more precise and transparent,   April 04, 2018
  IPR protection becomes big challenge for pharma industry in internet era: Expert,   April 03, 2018
  Origiin IP Solutions sees opposition and revocation of patent important for pharma industry,   March 17, 2018
  Civil society groups appeal to PM to issue CL for J&J's patented DR-TB drugs bedaquiline and delamanid,   March 14, 2018
  IPA criticises GIPC's continued tirade against India for keeping India on 'Priority Watch List',   February 17, 2018
  Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance appeals to USTR to remove India from Priority Watch List,   February 09, 2018
  Origiin IP calls to file ANDA application with the US FDA to thwart patent infringement risk for generic drug approval,   January 17, 2018
  K&S Partners sees grant of patent has no direct correlation to access life-saving medicines,   November 10, 2017
  ICMR releases Handbook on IPR & Technology Transfer to step up awareness among scientists,   October 30, 2017
  Health ministry can invoke provision of Patent Act to reduce cost of procurement of Prevnar 13 under UIP: says Dr Nair,   October 30, 2017
  MSF appeals to Korea, Japan to withdraw proposals hindering access to generic drugs & vaccines from RCEP negotiations,   October 25, 2017

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