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  OxThera's Oxalobacter formigenes secretagogues receives US patent,   November 17, 2018
  Chugai files patent infringement lawsuit against Alexion Pharma for its anti-C5 antibody ALXN1210 in US court,   November 17, 2018
  I-MAK’s study indicates Sanofi filed 95% of patents on Lantus after US FDA approval,   November 12, 2018
  Chugai to withdraw lawsuits and petitions filed against Daiichi Sankyo and Pfizer Japan,   November 01, 2018
  J&J loses US court ruling over patent for prostate cancer drug Zytiga,   October 29, 2018
  BPP receives US patent for use of FLAP inhibitor, BPP-1001 as an oral therapeutic for neuroinflammation & neuroinflammation-mediated damages,   October 26, 2018
  Calidi Biotherapeutics' combination of oncolytic vaccinia viruses and adipose-derived stem cells receive US patent,   October 26, 2018
  BioArctic's innovative treatment strategy for Parkinson's disease receives European patent,   October 23, 2018
  Sandoz settles adalimumab biosimilar litigation with AbbVie,   October 13, 2018
  Chugai Pharma files patent infringement lawsuit against Daiichi Sankyo & Genentech on Herceptin injection,   October 13, 2018
  Co-Diagnostics' CoPrimer platform technology receives US patent,   October 12, 2018
  BioArctic's medical device gets European patent to treat patients with complete spinal cord injury,   October 06, 2018
  Cantargia's antibody CAN03 receives US patent,   October 04, 2018
  Immunexpress gets US & European patents covering biomarkers used to differentiate sepsis patients with SeptiCyte technology,   September 26, 2018
  Cantargia's antibody CAN04 receives Japanese patent,   September 21, 2018
  Regen La's PRP, BMC and HA technologies receives US patents,   September 15, 2018
  Orexo wins Zubsolv patent against Actavis in US court,   September 12, 2018
  Supernus wins Oxtellar XR patent appeal against TWi,   September 10, 2018
  Teewinot receives Canadian patent for biosynthetic methods for production of cannabinoids,   September 06, 2018
  Suven Life Sciences’ NCE for neurodegenerative diseases receives Chinese and Eurasian product patents,   September 01, 2018

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