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  PPR 2015 not adopted in state after two and a half years' of passing it by Centre,   July 24, 2017
  For registering as pharmacist fresh graduates made to pay more than fee fixed by MSPC,   July 21, 2017
  TNPWA urges TN MRB to follow seniority in appointing pharmacists through employment exchanges,   July 21, 2017
  AKCDA assures state govt proper distribution of medicines in all parts of state with GST in force,   July 19, 2017
  Supreme Court upholds registration of undivided Bihar's chemists in Jharkhand,   July 18, 2017
  Drug trade clueless over invoice format, reimbursement of unsold drugs even after 2 weeks of GST,   July 14, 2017
  BDC&DA requests commercial tax commissioner to permit sale of stock on pre-GST prices till Sept 30, 2017,   July 13, 2017
  Tarnea’s SmartMile app to provide cloud based GST solutions to retail medical shops,   July 12, 2017
  PCI begins process of establishing Jan Aushadhi Stores in pharmacy colleges,   July 10, 2017
  TN pharmacist Manikantan, first to become IAS officer in India,   July 08, 2017
  KSRPA insists personal details of individual’s registration need to be verified,   July 07, 2017
  HealthIntel raises fresh funding from BLIP to expand pan India,   July 06, 2017
  NPPA asked to take action against drug firms denying supplies to distributors in West Bengal,   July 06, 2017
  Kerala govt to intervene to force manufacturers to compensate losses of traders due to GST,   July 04, 2017
  BDC&DA writes to FM seeking clarity on 9 points on GST as new norms tough to adhere for chemists,   June 28, 2017
  Baxter announces DoseEdge bi-directional integration with Epic in pharmacy,   June 27, 2017
  KSPC urges CM to cancel order issued by deputy secretary canceling council elections,   June 27, 2017
  Majority of drug dealers in West Bengal facing risk of losing business post GST,   June 27, 2017
  PCI seeks nominations for Pharmacy Awards from outstanding pharmacists,   June 24, 2017
  Major private hospitals in Kerala plan clinical pharmacy units in hospital settings, QPMPA welcomes plan,   June 19, 2017

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