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  DBT calls for LoI to support development of drugs to treat cancer,   January 31, 2023
  IISc & Unilever to develop computational models of bacterial cell walls to speed up screening of antimicrobials,   January 20, 2023
  DBT to open eProMIS to accept proposals from researchers on Chronic & Lifestyle Disease Programme,   January 09, 2023
  DBT soon to begin research on human genetic disease with focus on rare genetic disorders,   January 02, 2023
  DoP expects policy to catalyse R&D and innovation in pharma and medtech to strengthen research,   December 30, 2022
  DBT calls for proposals to develop vaccines for Coronavirus, Nipah, Pox virus, Zika virus, among others,   December 30, 2022
  Biopharma companies of West approach big Indian CROs & CDMOs for multi-dimensional solutions: Dr Bhalgat,   December 26, 2022
  ICMR soon to conduct research in the area of ‘Therapeutics for inherited rare diseases’,   December 15, 2022
  Center of Excellence in 3D bioprinting of Cellink at IISc to advance regenerative medicine & drug discovery,   December 14, 2022
  Specialty chemical manufacturers urge govt to make efforts to validate, implement NAMs replacing animal testing,   December 10, 2022
  Interdisciplinary approach of pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry & pharmacognosy to boost drug discovery,   December 02, 2022
  DBT to develop cost effective genome-editing based therapeutics for diseases having high burden,   November 28, 2022
  Indian research centres push for innovation in deep science with focus on high tech applications,   November 25, 2022
  BeST to spur innovation in pharma & biotech sectors, to enable collaboration for entire R&D ecosystem,   November 22, 2022
  DBT calls for concept proposals for research in stem cell and regenerative medicine,   November 16, 2022
  DBT releases guidelines for career advancement and re-orientation programme for women scientists,   November 16, 2022
  Focelite to conduct clinical studies for Welblu drug & device to combat dengue,   November 11, 2022
  DST seeks proposals from pharma & medtech industries to commercialise indigenously developed technologies,   November 08, 2022
  ICMR to promote research into stillbirths to reduce it to single digits by 2030,   November 05, 2022
  Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy works to make inroads into drug discovery,   November 02, 2022

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