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  Study shows increased use of telehealth services and medications for opioid use disorder during Covid-19 pandemic associated with reduced risk for fatal overdose,   March 31, 2023
  Rohini Nilekani philanthropies grants Rs. 100 cr to NIMHANS-NCBS to spur research to treat 5 major mental health disorders,   March 31, 2023
  NIH researchers discover new autoinflammatory disease, suggest target for potential treatments,   March 30, 2023
  NIH-funded study finds HIV can persist for years in myeloid cells of people on antiretroviral therapy,   March 29, 2023
  IIT Mandi researchers identifies key risk factors for cardiovascular diseases in adults,   March 29, 2023
  BHU researcher finds Dr Basu Eye Hospital’s eye drops effective for cataract cure,   March 28, 2023
  PharmaBlock opens new R&D facility in West Chester, Pennsylvania,   March 28, 2023
  Evotec receives US$ 6.6 million grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for drug discovery in tuberculosis,   March 27, 2023
  IIT Kanpur, University at Buffalo join hands to advance research in biomedicine & bioengineering,   March 25, 2023
  Onconova, Pangea Biomed enter research collaboration to identify biomarkers of response to rigosertib,   March 25, 2023
  Everest Medicines inks MoU for strategic cooperation with Guangdong Academy of Medical Sciences in renal diseases research,   March 25, 2023
  Moderna, Generation Bio enter strategic collaboration to develop non-viral genetic medicines,   March 24, 2023
  NIH study reveals shared genetic markers underlying substance use disorders,   March 24, 2023
  TaiGen inks license agreement with Joincare to develop and commercialize TG-1000 in China,   March 23, 2023
  Dewpoint, Novo Nordisk ink R&D partnership to explore the field of biomolecular condensates to treat insulin resistance and diabetes progression,   March 23, 2023
  SARS-CoV-2 infection weakens immune-cell response to vaccination: Study,   March 22, 2023
  SpyBiotech receives $4,094,561 grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to further develop its novel SpyVector platform,   March 21, 2023
  Study shows new combination of drugs works together to reduce lung tumours in mice,   March 20, 2023
  Study finds artificial pancreas developed at University of Virginia improves blood sugar control for kids ages 2-6,   March 20, 2023
  RVAC Medicines inks collaboration with University of Pennsylvania to discover & develop mRNA vaccines,   March 20, 2023

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