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Special Features
  National Pharmacy Commission – its vision, mission & omissions!,   December 06, 2023
  Unravelling the paradox of declining patient experience,   November 28, 2023
  Role of AI in fall risk assessment: Enhancing safety through predictive analytics,   November 21, 2023
  Harnessing Ayush & Ayurveda: India's path to become a soft superpower,   November 14, 2023
  Clinical data management - the past, present and future,   November 08, 2023
  How CFOs unlock growth in mid-sized pharma cos by unlocking financial potential,   November 01, 2023
  Government investments and initiatives prove importance of homoeopathy in public health,   October 25, 2023
  MD Ayurveda: Essential qualification in Traditional Medicine,   October 18, 2023
  Ensuring safety in diagnostics lab: Proper handling and disposal of biological samples,   October 11, 2023
  Why Pycnogenol offers a wide range of health benefits?,   October 06, 2023
  Generic vs branded drugs - where is the solution?,   October 04, 2023
  There is no regulatory ban against an investigator’s family member participating in a clinical trial,   October 04, 2023
  Chirality in natural products drug discovery and development,   September 27, 2023
  B. Pharm new syllabus: A new dimensional solution to age old problem,   September 13, 2023
  Drug discovery research data analysis & interpretation of efficacy studies,   September 06, 2023
  AI, ML in pharmaceutical technology transfer,   August 23, 2023
  Rise of AI & precision medicine: Personalising healthcare for better patient outcomes,   August 16, 2023
  The need to come together to tackle malnutrition,   August 09, 2023
  Ayush export under pharma HS Code,   August 02, 2023
  Alarming surge of brain tumours: Is India prepared for the oncoming challenge?,   July 26, 2023

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