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  Indian healthcare infrastructure poised for upgrade with cloud telephony adoption,   October 11, 2021
  Technology has changed healthcare in tangible ways: Experts,   September 28, 2021
  ASPA underscores use of anti-counterfeit technology packs to thwart rising incidents of fake vaccines & drugs,   September 20, 2021
  AI-based solutions for pharma expedites go-to-market for drugs & vaccines: Chaith Kondragunta,   September 11, 2021
  Autonomy as a service will enable responsive healthcare in real-time: Kiran Penumacha,   September 07, 2021
  Digitization & new technologies shaping healthcare industry and accelerating pace of innovation: Kaushik Mitra,   August 18, 2021
  AI and ML are game-changers in pharmacovigilance: Dr Sharada Rao,   July 21, 2021
  Pharma R&D explores VR, AR & MR technologies for data visualization to accelerate drug discovery,   July 20, 2021
  Indian pharma speeds up AI and ML adoption to optimize production efficiency & inventory management,   July 17, 2021
  Pharma companies take the digital pathway with AI algorithms and Big Data to speed up drug discovery,   July 14, 2021
  COVID-19 led health-tech cos to reconsider product designing to be appropriate in current context: expert,   July 03, 2021
  AI and IoT-powered software detects diseases even before symptoms manifest: Haruto Iwata,   June 23, 2021
  Rockwell Automation to enhance its global resources to help life science industry,   June 16, 2021
  Med-tech innovations evince interest in tier 2 and 3 markets: Dr Sudhir Srivastava,   June 11, 2021
  Experts caution on data protection policies of cyber security agencies,   May 31, 2021
  Adoption of digital technologies by pharma brands can bring down marketing costs: Dr Harshit Jain,   April 28, 2021
  Indian healthcare sees cloud computing and data analytics to equip for future emergencies,   April 27, 2021
  Digitization changes face of healthcare market in wake of Covid-19 crisis,   April 26, 2021
  NDHM’s advanced interoperable technology propels seamless patient care access,   April 14, 2021
  Digital transformation a major challenge for healthcare sector in India: Vishal Jain,   April 12, 2021

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