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  Data security a priority for pharma companies in India as they take digital leap, says Deloitte India–DSCI report,   June 23, 2022
  Illumina introduces research test codeveloped with Merck to unlock deeper insights into the tumour genome,   June 23, 2022
  Truveta inks strategic collaboration with Pfizer to accelerate safety insights in real time,   June 23, 2022
  Accenture accelerates data-driven decision making for Lupin,   June 20, 2022
  GenScript ProBio gains access to ProteoNic’s 2G UNic technology platform for production of biologics,   June 16, 2022
  Sanofi launches its first Digital Accelerator fuelled by new talent and focused on growth,   June 10, 2022
  Lenovo & Intel, led by IDC report sees 57% of startups focus on genomics high-performance computing infrastructure,   June 08, 2022
  Agilent releases MassHunter BioConfirm 12.0 software for biopharma research,   June 08, 2022
  Invitae introduces expanded pharmacogenomics panel and specialized mental health panel,   May 20, 2022
  TriNetX introduces prospective patient monitoring platform leveraging global real-world data,   May 16, 2022
  IEEE sees quality broadband connectivity & wearables expand telemedicine to improve healthcare outcomes,   May 14, 2022
  Medulance shortens incident response times with life-saving addressing technology what3words,   May 12, 2022
  Medikabazaar conducts successful trial of medical supplies through drone delivery,   May 09, 2022
  Ergomed Rare Disease Centre to use Medidata Patient Cloud to advance new treatments,   May 06, 2022
  LLS Health introduces Apisolex technology to improve solubility and simplify manufacturing of parenteral drug products,   May 05, 2022
  India, Germany to work together on AI startups and research,   May 04, 2022
  Narayana Nethralaya & Acer India to build India's first PC & tablet-based software therapy for cortical visual impairment in children,   May 04, 2022
  Aardex Group partners with etectRx to combine ID-Cap System and MEMS AS to track medication-taking behaviours,   April 30, 2022
  Ubie introduces AI-powered symptom checker in US,   April 27, 2022
  Abbott introduces upgraded version of NeuroSphere myPath digital health app,   April 26, 2022

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