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Product Launches
  Entod Beauty London launches ‘Eyecirque Advance’ to treat vascular and pigmented under eye dark circles,   March 29, 2023
  Guerison enters India’s ophthalmology market,   February 16, 2023
  Glenmark introduces Akynzeo I.V. in India for prevention of chemotherapyinduced nausea and vomiting,   January 23, 2023
  Glenmark launches sacubitril + valsartan tablets in India,   January 17, 2023
  Entod Pharma launches nanotechnology based ocular aesthetic range in India,   January 10, 2023
  BDR Pharma launches first generic apalutamide to treat prostate cancer in India,   January 03, 2023
  Takeda launches Cinryze in India for prophylaxis in hereditary angioedema patients,   December 14, 2022
  Anglo French Drugs launches LYBER range,   November 25, 2022
  Eli Lilly introduces Ramiven in India, for certain high-risk early breast cancer patients,   November 25, 2022
  ICPA Health launches antiseptic gel, Heximetro,   November 17, 2022
  Glenmark launches lobeglitazone in India to treat type 2 diabetes in adults,   October 06, 2022
  Bayer launches Verquvo in India, a novel treatment approved to reduce the risk of CVD fatalities,   September 27, 2022
  BDR Pharma partners with Varenyam Healthcare to launch anaesthetic drug Sugmadex,   May 31, 2022
  Takeda introduces Adynovate to advance prophylaxis treatment for haemophilia patients in India,   May 17, 2022
  Vicks introduces Tulsi cough drops to alleviate sore throat,   May 16, 2022
  Bayer relaunches antifungal brand Canesten in India,   May 11, 2022
  Wellbeing Nutrition introduces natural eye vitamins – Melts Eye Care,   April 16, 2022
  Natco Pharma launches Tipanat tabs in India to treat advanced colorectal and gastric cancer,   November 18, 2021
  ICPA Introduces saliva substitute for individuals suffering from dry mouth,   September 15, 2021
  Celon launches emulsion-based drug to treat deadly black fungus in Covid-19 patients,   June 01, 2021

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