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ProBioGen grants license for human lymph node technology to TissUse for Multi-Organ-Chip applications

Berlin, Germany
Saturday, June 17, 2017, 14:00 Hrs  [IST]

ProBioGen AG, a specialist in the development and manufacturing of complex therapeutic glycoproteins, and TissUse GmbH have signed a license and cooperation agreement to integrate ProBioGen’s Human Artificial Lymph Node Model into the Multi-Organ-Chip technology of TissUse. With the Lymph Node Model direct effects of substances on the human immune system can be monitored.

The Multi-Organ-Chip technology emulates multiple interacting human organs on a device, not larger than a microscope slide, to imitate the complex processes in the human organism over periods of up to two months. This technology is envisioned to explore how the human organism reacts to new medicines, cosmetic substances or chemicals without expensive animal testing. TissUse now licenses the patented Lymph Node Technology Platform (HuALN) from ProBioGen and thereby expands the range of applications of Multi-Organ-Chip technology to predictions of immune reactivity in interaction with other organs.

“The combination of ProBioGen’s unique HuALN model and our human Multi-Organ-Chip technology will in future initially allow for the analysis of immunological reactions of human organs on active substances. Disease mechanisms in systemic autoimmunological diseases, allergies and anti-tumoral reactions will be elucidated with such Multi-Organ-Chip systems,” explains Dr Uwe Marx, CEO of TissUse.

“This partnership will bring together two highly motivated teams with a wide scope of experience and comprehensive know-how. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration increasing the scope of applications for our artificial lymph node system to allow its use for even broader pharmaceutical applications,” says Dr Wieland Wolf, chairman of ProBioGen.

TissUse is a vibrant Berlin, Germany-based, growth company which has developed a unique “Multi-Organ-Chip” platform that – for the first time ever – provides preclinical insight on a systemic level using human tissue.


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