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Morepen Labs ties-up with Vésale Pharma of Belgium to market probiotics in India

Our Bureau, Mumbai
Thursday, November 9, 2017, 17:40 Hrs  [IST]

Morepen Laboratories Ltd. has entered into a tie-up with Vésale Pharma International of Belgium to strengthen its position in the Rs.1,000 crore probiotics market in India. An agreement to this effect between the two pharma biggies was officially signed in the august presence of the King and the Queen of Belgium who are currently on their State visit to the Republic of India.

The tie up will expand Morepen’s formulations portfolio in the Indian market, especially in the gastroenterology segment. Initially it is an exclusive distribution and marketing tie up. However, the foreign counterpart may invest in future for setting up of a worldwide manufacturing and R&D facility in India with Morepen for its entire range of products.

Four major probiotics to be introduced by Vésale Pharma in the Indian market include Bacilac Infantis, Bacilac ORS, Bacilac Forte and Cibalax. Each of the products are unique and have patented technology of Intelicaps. Intelicaps, which is Vesale’s patented IP, does not let the probiotics gets destroyed in the stomach and makes the live bacteria reach the intestine where it colonizes and fights the bad bacteria, While Bacilac Infantis is used in the treatment of acute infectious diarrhoea, antibiotic associated diarrhoea, prevention of nosocomial diarrhoea and treatment of colic in kids, Bacilac ORS is indicated particularly for prevention of dehydration in cases of diarrhoea and has the added probiotic benefits. Bacilac Forte is used to treat irritable colon, prevention of traveller’s diarrhoea and prevention of diarrhoea during antibiotic therapy in addition to maintaining and restoration of the intestinal flora. Cibalax treats chronical and occasional constipation while stimulating regular stools in a natural way. It also maintains good intestinal transit and contains fibre and the patented probiotic formula. All the products treat the problems and add good bacteria to the intestine with the science that the living bacteria will not get destroyed in the stomach itself. This makes a Doctor more confident of the immediate results and better recovery.

The four products together are likely to contribute Rs.100 crore to Morepen Lab’s top line in the next five years. Probiotics are about a 1,000 crore ethical prescription market in the country growing at 15% annually. Morepen will not only sell these products in the Indian market, but will also make them for other markets across the globe for Vesale in the future.

Speaking on the occasion, Jehan Lienart, executive chairman & chief executive officer, Vésale Pharma, said, “India makes a great opportunity for Vesale. This agreement we signed with Morepen Laboratories today is perfectly in line with the global strategy and international development of Vesale Pharma. The need for our patented products in the probiotic segment is huge. Morepen is a great partner for us as they are strong in gastro segment and their understanding of probiotics and innovation is well appreciated. Vesale brings in patented, easy to use, effective probiotics for people of ages from infants to geriatrics. Moreover, with our unique technology Intelicaps, we make sure that live bacteria reaches the intestine and does not get destroyed in the stomach. We plan to do wonderful things together with Morepen for India”.

Sushil Suri, chairman and managing director, Morepen Laboratories Ltd. said, “We are delighted to bring Vesale products and technology to India. The range and technology gels very well with our focus on probiotics. India’s lifestyle, eating habits, nutrition deficiencies are heavily compromised today in tier 1 and 2 cities. During infections and diseases also the intestinal health is compromised, so keeping both the issues in mind, Morepen has planned to put a very special focus on its probiotics and will work on improving the much needed intestinal health of the people from kid’s health to adults to even cancer patients with Vesale’s Intelicaps products”.

Probiotics are live bacteria, intended to colonize in the human intestine in large numbers. Their availability is influenced by factors such as pH, humidity, heat, temperature fluctuations and exposure to oxygen.  To be efficacious, it is essential that the bacteria arrives alive at their target organ, i.e. the intestine, surviving the attack of gastric acids and bile salts in the alimentary canal. Most of the probiotic formulations, which are currently sold in the market, are not very effective as they do not survive in the gastric atmosphere as majority of the bacteria is killed there itself. This is where the need for Vésale Pharma’s better and efficacious probiotics arises which can improve the lives of infants, children, adults and geriatrics with the help of its patented Intelicaps technology.


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