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Resulticks sees adoption of AI to control & ascertain COVID-19 patients in advance

Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru
Thursday, April 2, 2020, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Resulticks, a new generation data driven marketing automation solution platform, now sees that artificial intelligence (AI) will enable healthcare, pharma, and other relevant sectors not just quell the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread, but actually determine vulnerable groups in advance.

COVID-19 has in fact accelerated the adoption and acceptance of artificial intelligence in healthcare as a very critical way in which meaningful solutions can be delivered, Subramanian Gopalaratnam, CTO, Resulticks told Pharmabiz in an email.

By generating predictive insights based on the shared data, artificial intelligence allows collection of anonymised information and make it available for the world. This open information is giving health institutions and nations the much-needed insights to better flatten the curve, he added.

The healthcare industry has already put in place several applications of artificial intelligence. For example, enabling early stage cancer detection. According to the American Cancer Society, half of the mammograms are yielding false positive results, resulting in 1 in 2 healthy women being told that they have breast cancer when they actually do not. The usage of artificial intelligence will help deliver diagnosis 30 times faster with 99% accuracy, thus preventing unnecessary biopsies. Another breakthrough came from Google Health AI company: DeepMind, which could help doctors identify and begin the treatment of acute kidney injuries 48 hours in advance, he noted.  
However, the key challenges in technology adoption and implementation are data security and perception by the public. The standardization of the data sharing process, rigorous benchmarking, and thorough identity protection measures will be some of the first steps towards making artificial intelligence more widely accepted in healthcare, said the Resulticks CTO.

Now COVID-19 is a wakeup call on how fast a contagion can spread in our globalised world and the damage it could do to our civilization. At Resulticks, we believe that valuable data transformed into a secure, anonymised and sharable form will be the key to allowing the fertile minds of AI practitioners, data scientists, and healthcare innovators to harness and act on insights that can alleviate and prevent such potential crises. It is here data democratisation and collaboration are critical to the future applications of artificial intelligence for our collective good, pointed out Gopalaratnam.


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