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LiveAltlife, a holistic solution provider enables diabetes reversal, launches its operations

Our Bureau, Bengaluru
Saturday, January 30, 2021, 14:50 Hrs  [IST]

LiveAltlife, a health and wellness startup, has now kicked off operations to enable people to reverse diabetes and other lifestyle conditions such as excess weight, PCOS etc.

The company said that it helps people fight and overcome their diabetes and other conditions through a one-stop solution that includes therapeutic food, curated fitness routines, mindfull stress management, predictive medical diagnostics & expert consultations powered by a smart high-tech ecosystem.

In its beta launch, hundreds of clients have benefited from LiveAltlife’s unique triangular approach to health and have rid themselves of their dependence on daily medicine, lost significant weight and achieved commendable improvement in health. Diabetics who have been on multiple medications have reduced their HbA1c by up to 50% and reclaimed healthy levels, lost 15+ kilos in some cases and became significantly fitter while also getting off all their medicines, said the company.

Its solutions include the flagship Health Restore 90 programme which includes all solution vectors. There is a Health Restore 30 and a Gut Revive and Immunity Revive programme as well. Its NutriSmart AI ensures Precision Nutrition that drives positive health outcomes. Its DiagKnows AI enables clients to predict the future of their health. Based on this proprietary assessment, early warning signs are identified, enabling clients to take a proactive view to improve health.

LiveAltlife also launched its first marketing campaign “Tomorrow Thanks You” that urges people to beat their lifestyle conditions today, so their tomorrow thanks them. The campaign aims to do this through digital activation, radio, print, and on-ground activation, along with social media engagement.

Announcing the official launch, Vivek Subramanyam, CEO, LiveAltlife, said, "Our priority as a nextgen health and wellness solution provider is to offer sustainable and safe solutions to fight and overcome lifestyle conditions like diabetes which in India and globally have reached epidemic proportions. Many of us struggle with lifestyle conditions like Type 2 diabetes, PCOS, and obesity and keep trying various solutions that help in a limited way, but not in the long run, simply because they treat the symptoms, not the root cause. As a result, we are never free from the restrictions and worries about the future complications and are dependent on a lifelong regimen of medication.

With LiveAltlife, we address the root cause of the problem and enable our clients to reverse their condition in a safe, natural and convenient way powered by science and get them to significantly better health outcomes while weaning them off their medicines. While we are currently focused on Bengaluru as a marketplace, we expect to launch in other cities later this year and are also planning on international expansion in the coming years. While we are bootstrapped and friends and family funded currently, we do expect to be raising institutional capital later this year, he added.

The founding team includes Vivek Subramanyam, Naren Santhanam and Purushotham Govindarajan who worked together in IDG & Sequoia funded Fintellix that they exited to NASDAQ listed Verisk Analytics. Kartik Sarwade comes from sales and operations leadership roles in companies such as Ola, Tracxn etc. Monika Manchanda is a techie turned food entrepreneur with a rich experience in the culinary science space.


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