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Online diagnostics startup 5C Network launches ‘ask5c.com’ platform, offering second opinion on Covid CT scans

Our Bureau, Bengaluru
Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 13:10 Hrs  [IST]

5C Network which is an AI-powered online diagnostics startup has launched a platform which will allow anyone with mild Covid symptoms to get their reports reviewed. The platform allows people to upload a link to their CT scan report and get a second opinion from the largest network of experienced radiologists in less than a day.

As of now, people with mild symptoms can opt for a second opinion for free. When rising cases are overwhelming systems and causing delays in testing and reports, this platform is revolutionizing diagnosis using a strong radiologist network across India on a tech platform supported by AI.

The company leverages AI to prioritise patients according to how critical their status is. If a patient is brought to an emergency ward and the doctor requires a radiologist-interpreted report on the patient’s scan, it can be immediately accessed via the 5C Network platform. The patient can then receive timely life-saving medical intervention.

“CT severity score is by far the best assessment available to diagnose the extent of the Covid damage. For the last few months, we read close to 60,000 reports each month and noticed the rising incidences of false negatives or positives, which caused a delay in the treatment process for many. That is when we decided to launch ask5c.com to empower the people with validated second opinions, faster, said Kalyan Sivasailam, CEO, 5C Network.

Over 500 radiologists on our platform are armed to deal with the 2nd wave and this initiative is expected to ease the burden that our hospitals and diagnostic centres are facing. In this nation-wide crisis, 5C Network is strengthening the infrastructure for the fight against Covid-19 virus, he added.

5C Network’s ask5c.com just needs those seeking an opinion to upload basic information along with a link to the digital copy of the scans. If the digital copy is not available at hand, 5C works with the centre where the images were obtained and gets the copy of the scan for further analysis. After getting all the relevant information, the scan along with inputs from 5C’s AI “Charles” are made available to an expert thoracic radiologist on the 5C platform, who provides the final diagnosis along with the Covid score.

The platform also enables the storage, sharing and interpretation of radiology images across regions. This helps hospitals and diagnostic centres to maximize the ROI (return on investment) on their radiology machines by making specialists available 24x7 and augmenting their experience with AI to become faster, more accurate and more consistent.


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