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Experts suggest multipronged approach including access to life- saving PPE kits in battle against Covid-19

Shardul Nautiyal, Mumbai
Wednesday, June 2, 2021, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Experts suggest multipronged approach which includes not only vaccination and implementation of safety protocols issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) but also access to life-saving personal protective equipment (PPE) kits as India currently battles the crippling Covid-19 second wave.

They have cautioned that more such Covid waves could lie ahead and therefore there is an urgent need to create buffer stocks of PPE by increasing production capacity in the country as there also lies an opportunity to make India a key exporter of PPE.

Experts recommend that state governments must invest in expanding their PPE capacities. The United States and some European nations are already boosting indigenous PPE production and creating buffer stocks to protect their citizens against future pandemics.

“Mass vaccination is a challenge in any country. Vaccine hesitancy and supply shortages are some of the obstacles which we are witnessing today. Access to good quality PPEs will help us avoid the worst effects of the pandemic,” says Harjiv Singh, Board Member of GlobalPPEmart.

GlobalPPEMart is a B2B marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of medical equipment from around the world. A marketplace enables price discovery for buyers and sellers in a competitive market. Its social media campaigns, blogs and newsletters, which are curated from reliable sources, educate clients about the latest developments related to Covid-19 and help them make informed purchasing decisions.

Singh further elaborates about the B2B market platform to maximize the outreach of PPE kits, “GlobalPPEMart has a strict registration process in place for new sellers. After registration, our sales team contacts the seller to confirm their registration and schedules virtual calls to help them understand our platform and obtain all the required information about their company.

“Then, we provide the sellers with their GlobalPPEMart credentials and activate the seller's account on our platform. They can upload their products once their account has been activated. However, if the seller fails to provide basic product information, we reserve the right to deactivate the product or limit its appearance on our platform. Similarly, our sales team scrutinizes quotations that we receive from the sellers, connects with customers to verify their demand and collects the necessary information before sharing the details with the sellers.”

GlobalPPEMart has 25 product categories, 49 registered sellers and 85 products and caters to sellers from India with a few from the United States. Its products include different types of face masks, PPE kits, antigen test kits, coveralls, face shields, sanitisers, sanitising tunnels and other medical gear.

GlobalPPEMart serves all B2B segments that require Covid-19 supplies in bulk, including state governments, hospitals, industrial units, schools, universities, non-profit organisations, donors and others.


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