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PCI creates post of clinical pharmacist for Pharm D in healthcare settings, notifies duties in government gazette

Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, Chennai
Tuesday, July 6, 2021, 14:05 Hrs  [IST]

Fulfilling its commitment to the Pharm D graduates and to those pursuing the programme in the country, the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) with the approval of the Union government has notified the post of clinical pharmacist in the government gazette, dated June 30, 2021.

For notifying the post and its basic qualification, PCI has amended the Pharmacy Practice Regulations (PPR) 2015 with a regulation called Pharmacy Practice Regulations 2021 which came into effect on the day of its notification in the government gazette.

The regulation (PPR 2021) will be added in Appendix III under the heading – “7B Details of Position, Title and Job Responsibilities of Clinical Pharmacist” where the duties and responsibilities of the clinical pharmacist will be mentioned.

The associations of Pharm D graduates and students, institutions and faculties across the country have welcomed the notification.


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Pschandra Sekhar Nov 23, 2021 11:23 AM
Plz persue clinicl pharmacist posts for DOCTOR OF PHARMACY CANDIDATES and insist all state level medical notifications throw state governments??
Kishore Kumar yadla Nov 18, 2021 10:32 PM
Government any notification pharmacist elgib in new courses like that pharma D , B pharmacy, and m.pharmacy
Ganesh Banasiya Oct 2, 2021 5:07 PM
I am student of Pharm D 2nd year and now i will be getting best opportunities in career . This is big news for all pharm D students.
Dr Prajith Jul 8, 2021 1:49 PM
Pharm-D Cadre post will be toothless if it is not notified as "Group-A" post in Central Govt Hospitals. States are not bound to follow directions from PCI as such
Dr Shivaraj B Jul 8, 2021 11:57 AM
Really Happy to hear such a great news for pharma doctors
We really mean for it
Thank you for considering us in this society
Thank you to all our protesters spent quality time to get Cadre
Dakshata Jul 8, 2021 10:12 AM
Hi I'm very glad to hear this news as I'm student of 2nd year pharn D sure I will be getting good opportunity in career. After finishing my course it gives me very good motivation to study more effective and practice well in clinical pharmacy like us students thanks to the initiators
Prajith Jul 8, 2021 9:37 AM
Providing pharmacotherapy support to diagnosticians during inpatient medical ward rounds so that drug selection and dosing can be optimized
Interviewing and counseling patients in an ambulatory care clinic to ensure appropriate monitoring for safety and efficacy during treatment of hepatitis C
Developing institutional tools that help healthcare providers make smarter decisions related to medications
Balla kavya sree Jul 7, 2021 3:23 PM
Clinical pharmacist
Sandip Ghayal Jul 6, 2021 11:34 PM
Please include all types of pharmacy students. hospital Pharmacist having better clinical pharmacy knowledge.
Rajesh k Jul 6, 2021 8:16 PM
Sir This is good decision, but what about the pharmacist who done their PG in Clinical Pharmacy etc,etc. The future of these guys in deep dark so please think about these M.Pharma guys who did their masters in clinical pharmacy. They are since a long time when Pharm D was not exist in India. So they are also clinical pharmacist. Why PCI don't think about them. Qualifications for clinical pharmacist should be Pharm D and M. Pharma clinical Pharmacy
Augustine P P Jul 6, 2021 3:44 PM
The PCI  has amended Pharmacy Practice regulation 2015 and notified in the Gazette of India. By this amendment the council projected two new category of pharmacists that are fictional, not functioning in our country. The council has its own intensions?  Pharmacy education regulation is a regulation connected with education only. PCI is constituted for regulating  Pharmacy Education in India and  it is not empowered to create any post in any health settings.This amendment may mislead  Pharm.D students and Pharmacists.
Salipalli subhasri Jul 6, 2021 3:15 PM
Iam so happy to hear this news .nowords to say for my postgraduates joy.
Zuber Chaudhary Jul 6, 2021 3:15 PM
Clinical pharmacist cadre
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