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Niti Aayog report finds Telangana has just 10 beds per one lakh population & very low on manpower

A Raju, Hyderabad
Tuesday, October 5, 2021, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

The recent report of Niti Aayog has put Telangana as lowest ranking state with regard to having number of beds and manpower in the rural government hospitals at district level.

The Niti Aayog report on performance of district hospitals in the country analyzed nearly 707 hospitals across various districts in India. This is a first of its kind pan-India assessment of rural hospitals by the Niti Aayog which analyzed performance of hospitals on 10 crucial key performance indicators (KPIs).

According to the report, Telangana state has fared better just only to Bihar and Jharkhand with regard to having adequate number of beds per one lakh population. The report shockingly found an average bed capacity of just 10 beds per one lakh population in the rural hospitals across the state when compared to the national average of 24 beds.

Not just lower on bed count, the report also put Telangana state rural hospitals low on the number of manpower being employed to serve the patients in the rural hospitals. The planning commission body assessed the manpower by calculating the ratio of doctors in the district hospitals in proportion to the number of doctors specified by the Indian Public Health Standard (IPHS) norms. As per the IPHS calculations a number 1 indicates the hospitals are having adequate number of doctors and nurses per every 10,000 population; however Telangana showed a ration of just 0.67 which is much lower to national average ration of 0.86.

Similarly, the state has also reported just 0.54 as against 1 with regard to number of nurses serving in the rural hospitals in the state, while the national average is 0.60. However the state performed on par with all the states with regard to having number of paramedical staff which indicated a ration of 1.36 against the number 1, which put the state on the top list among all the states.

On the other hand, the district rural hospitals have performed well with regard to having all kinds of basic amenities being provided for the patients such as water, diet, electricity, postmortem facility and others. The state has also fared well with regard to providing good diagnostic and other core health services to the patients in the rural hospitals.

Except for 2-3 parameters of having low beds capacity, inadequate medical staff such as doctor, nurses and increased C-section surgeries, this a part other services provided at the heath centers and hospitals across the state are hailed.  The Niti Aayog report suggested the government and the concern authorities to regularly review on the man power shortage in the hospitals and enhance bed capacity. The Niti Aayog report also took into consideration the number of emergency cases being denied admissions into the hospitals citing manpower shortage.

As per the IPHS norms every hospital with 100-500 beds must have at least 105 to 393 staff members to serve the patients.

 However, the Telangana State Medical Council (TSMC) and Directorate of Medical Education (DME) have objected to the Niti Aayog’s report and reiterated that Telangana hospitals have far more manpower than claimed by Niti Aayog’s report. “The number projected by Niti Aayog report with regard to health indices of Telangana is outdated. The State has far more doctors than what the report claims and we ask the National Medical Council (NMC) to revise the numbers as per the latest records,” said Dr E Ravinder Reddy, chairman, TSMC.

The director of medical education Dr Ramesh Reddy, said that there may be some confusion due to the reorganization of the State and the National Medical Commission’s outdated Indian Medical Register (IMR), which shows just  7,933 doctors registered in the TSMC as against nearly 65,000 doctors as per the latest registry in the state.


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