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India would be able to improve overall delivery of healthcare system: Sunil Raheja

Yash Ved, Mumbai
Tuesday, December 21, 2021, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

India would be able to improve the overall delivery of healthcare system with the right technology infrastructure, historical data references, research references and turnaround time and quality of drugs, stated Sunil Raheja, chief operating officer, IKS Health.

Raheja added that the company is planning to expand Mumbai and Hyderabad markets and will hire people in these markets.

“We provide tremendous scope and opportunities for the young professionals to experience cutting edge technology and make an impact in healthcare. We get to work closely with some of the best physicians in the US and gain exponential knowledge about global standards and best practices in healthcare. We are at 5000+ employees at the moment and growing rapidly,” Raheja added.

Countries around the world are working towards balancing the quality, affordability, accessibility and patient experience to create better, safer and more efficient healthcare. In India, the recent announcement of nationwide adoption of technology is a definitive and committed step towards this transformation.  

Raheja added, “At IKS Health we enable employee retention for our customers, more time for clinical care and better patient outcomes by removing administrative bottlenecks and applying advanced analytics, doing all of this as we reduce their fixed costs and improve their financial health. The future holds tremendous scope for us to integrate technology in each of the physician-patient touch points so that we do not just work as someone who is handling tasks but as a partner that provides insights while creating greater provider and patient satisfaction.”
The company added there were massive gaps in utilizing technology to come up with on-the-ground solutions during the pandemic that could be associated with direct patient care and there is immense potential for tech to be integrated to create population health solutions by leveraging data and applying studies to these large data sets.

IKS Health is a global healthcare solutions provider that helps physician enterprises deliver better, safer & more efficient care with the help of technology that forms the basis of their business model. IKS Health’s globalized & centralized delivery model has created thousands of jobs in India with a diverse set of employees including revenue cycle management professionals, life sciences graduates, doctors, pharmacists, software developers, coders, technology professionals and data scientists. IKS Health believes in nurturing professionals & empowering them to achieve their ambitions.


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