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OSE Immunotherapeutics receives European patent covering novel myeloid immune checkpoint target, CLEC-1 for cancer treatment

Nantes, France
Tuesday, May 3, 2022, 14:00 Hrs  [IST]

OSE Immunotherapeutics SA announced the grant of a new patent from the European Patent Office (EPO) strengthening the protection covering its novel myeloid cell immune checkpoint target, CLEC-1 (a C-type lectin receptor), and its use in cancer treatment. This patent provides a protection until 2037.

CLEC-1 is a C-type lectin receptor with demonstrated potential to inhibit the functions of myeloid cells and to block anti-tumour responsiveness of T-lymphocytes. Myeloid cells have the ability to accumulate in the tumour microenvironment and deregulate the immune activation of T-lymphocytes. CLEC-1 is a new therapeutic target of interest in immuno-oncology.

Dominique Costantini, chief executive officer of OSE Immunotherapeutics, comments: “This European patent is a major step that provides products targeting CLEC-1 a strong intellectual property and a broad scope as it notably covers the use of antagonist antibodies targeting CLEC-1 in cancer treatment. The patent has been extended to other major territories with the notice of allowance already granted in the United States and the patent granted in Japan.”

Nicolas Poirier, chief scientific officer of OSE Immunotherapeutics adds: “Based on our fruitful collaboration with the CR2TI research team, we now have preclinical results identifying CLEC-1 and its antagonists as an innovative immunotherapy that releases the brakes on macrophage phagocytosis and dendritic cells antigen presentation and demonstrates synergistic anti-cancer effects, in particular when combined with chemotherapy. The latest preclinical efficacy data open the pathway for the development of monoclonal antagonist antibodies targeting new myeloid checkpoint inhibitor target CLEC-1, and for future translational clinical development of an innovative cancer immunotherapy.”

OSE Immunotherapeutics is an integrated biotechnology company focused on developing and partnering therapies to control the immune system for immuno-oncology and immuno-inflammation.


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