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Netris Pharma, Orano and CLB ink scientific collaboration to develop novel antibody radio-conjugate therapies

Lyon, France
Wednesday, September 21, 2022, 16:00 Hrs  [IST]

Netris Pharma SAS, a private clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, announced that it has entered into a scientific collaboration agreement with Orano and the Centre Le´on Be´rard (CLB) to develop novel antibody radio-conjugates for the treatment of cancer. Initially, the parties intend to conduct a preclinical proof-of-concept efficacy study with new radio-conjugate targeting Netrin-1, combining Netris’ monoclonal antibody (mAb) NP137 with undisclosed radioelement from Orano.

“Based on strong preclinical evidence showing the potential of linking NP137, our proprietary mAb, with approved radioelements for both imaging and therapy purposes, this collaboration with Orano and CLB has the potential to develop novel radio-conjugate that provide significant clinical benefits to patients,” said Patrick Mehlen, founder and chief executive officer of Netris Pharma.

Both Netris Pharma and Orano have entered into this collaboration with Centre Le´on Be´rard based on the potential opportunities brought by novel radioisotope conjugates in oncology. Under the terms of the agreement, planned to be completed within one year, Netris Pharma, Orano and CLB will contribute their unique respective expertise in anti- netrin-1 biology and mode-of-action, radioisotope and nuclear based products, and preclinical and clinical oncology expertise to develop new compounds for clinical use.

“For Orano, it is a real opportunity to couple a new radioisotope with NP137developed by Netris Pharma thanks to the know-how of the Le´on Be´rard Comprehensive Cancer Center, in order to create a highly effective compound,” declared Guillaume Dureau, Orano’s director of research & development and innovation. “With this collaboration, we hope to lay the foundation of a long-term partnership driven by the significant complementary expertise of the three partners.”

“The vectorized radiotherapy practice of the Le´on Be´rard Comprehensive Cancer Center is among the most innovative ones in Europe,” said Jean-Yves Blay, general director of CLB. “New technologies using original cargoes to deliver radioelement are key to provide more effective treatments to patients. With the collaboration leveraging our strong clinical practice, we look forward to the future developments of this project”.

NP137, a humanized monoclonal antibody of isotype IgG1 directed against netrin-1, is the first drug candidate developed by Netris Pharma. Most types of tumours produce an abnormal amount of dependence receptor ligands, which prevents cells from dying. Netrin-1 is overexpressed in a large percentage of human cancers. Expression of netrin-1 often correlates with disease severity and no therapy has ever been tested against this new pathway. Preclinical studies show NP137 to have an anti-cancer effect as a monotherapy as well as synergistic effects in combination with chemotherapy or immune checkpoint inhibitors. NP137 has been so far administered to more than 140 patients and confirmed its excellent safety profile both in monotherapy and combination with chemotherapy and immunotherapy. The company is currently actively recruiting up to 240 patients in its phase 2 trial in uterine cancer indications.

Netris Pharma, a clinical-stage company designs and develops anti-cancer therapeutic molecules, particularly monoclonal antibodies, to block the interaction between dependence receptors and their ligands.

As a recognized international operator in the field of nuclear materials, Orano delivers solutions to address present and future global energy and health challenges. Its expertise and mastery of cutting-edge technologies enable Orano to offer its customers high value- added products and services throughout the entire fuel cycle.

Centre Leon Berard is among the top 3 Comprehensive Cancer Center in France and an integrated cancer research site (SIRIC), with a high level of excellence in basic, translational and clinical research in oncology.


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