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Prayasta incubated in IISc develops 3D printer for implant grade silicone, gears up for clinical trials

Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru
Friday, November 11, 2022, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Prayasta has now developed 3D printer for implant-grade silicone for nasal, breast, airway stent and chin. The other uses would be calf, gluteal, orthopaedic insoles, orthotic linings, pectrol, etc. The company is gearing up for animal trails followed by human studies. The specialized 3D printer, Silimac, can directly 3D print implant-grade silicone material to make an implant within the hospital itself.

The company was set up by Vikas Garg and Shilpi Sen in 2017 to develop implants that are made to fit people rather than fitting people into limited sizes. It partnered with the Centre for BioSystems Science and Engineering (BSSE), Indian Institute of Science (IISc) to refine the materials engineering component.
Incubated within Indian Institute of Science, the grants that we received till now is Rs. 1 crore together so far. We look forward to creating the future of better and personalized healthcare solutions together,” said Shilpi Sen, CEO & director, Prayasta .
The company was supported by grants from Department of Science & Technology, Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council, Ministry of MSME (MoMSME), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), Start-up Karnataka and National Research development Corporation. Further it bagged the National Start-up Technology Award from Technology Development Board and was granted patents in India and USA.
3D printing allows personalization of implants on a one-to-one basis which not only improves outcomes of the surgeries but also reduces the average time spent for achieving the same results using standard implants, said Vikas Garg, co-founder, Prayasta.
At a conclave held here to highlight the company’s efforts to develop Silimac which is positioned as the world’s first 3D printer for implant grade silicone, Garg told Pharmabiz “There are several 3D printers globally, but what sets us apart is the development of the 3D printer for implant grade silicone. We are ready for the multicentre animal trials for which we are positive, that the outcome will take us through the human studies for which we will seek the Drugs Controller General of India clearance.
Currently, Silicone is one of the best implantable materials. But conventional printers cannot handle implant-grade silicone because of its high viscosity. That is why, we have taken a fresh approach and developed a novel 3D printing technology from scratch, stated Garg.
Moreover 3D printed implants that are prepared using Silimac can be personalized not only in terms of shape, size, and contour but also in terms of weight, stiffness, touch and feel making it a complete solution.

The company has also developed a design methodology, ‘Novel Internal Architecture’ to make the breast implants rupture-proof and suturable eliminating the risk of leakage and post-implantation displacements respectively. Although Silimac and Novel Internal Architecture were initially developed to make breast implants, the technology can be extended to other soft tissue implants such as nasal, ear, chin, malar, lip, tracheobronchial, oesophageal, etc. and also to external prostheses for soft tissues, said Garg.

Along with IISc, the effort would be to propel the translation of personalized soft tissue implants from research to hospitals, to test the 3D printability of novel materials in a fast-track mode. We would also to develop the necessary skills for faster market reach of 3D printing technology, noted Garg.

According to Dr Kaushik Chatterjee, associate professor, materials engineering, IISc, the Bagchi-Parthasarathy Hospital, coming up in this campus would be among the first sites to conduct the human studies.


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