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Pharma industry stresses on need for employee engagement with HR to offset challenges in work

Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru
Friday, January 13, 2023, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Pharma industry realizes that employees’ engagement with Human Resources teams is much needed to offset challenges in the work environment. The industry demands a tech-savvy workforce to adapt to new technologies. As the competitors are tech-savvy, the workforce needs to be equipped with adequate knowledge and expertise to keep pace with advances.

Technology has paved the way for development and patients actively participate in their treatment and recovery. Moreover, pharma industry demands time-bound actions. It takes years to become an expert in this field. Since the industry is mostly research-based, there is a paucity of specialised workforce. Further, the competent and trained candidates are hired by the big pharma companies and less resources are available for the small to medium-sized pharma companies. This calls for updating knowledge and interactions with the HR teams to remain motivated and move forward, said Anuj Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Zyoin, a recruitment firm.

Agarwal noted that the pandemic directly affected the industry. The rising population and their growing chronic diseases during the pandemic raised an alarm on the importance of right hiring, he added.

Considering the hiring segment, the industry is highly competent, technology-oriented and relies on human resources. But due to the pandemic, retaining a competitive force in the sector was an issue, Agarwal told Pharmabiz

This industry has the competence to develop as a about 2.7 million jobs are available in this sector. There is need for innovation, partnership and employees support to rise to the challenges faced in hiring. Quoting a Forbes report, Agarwal said that many in Big Pharma scientists are opting out and preferring to join the biotech space. This has caused distress in the work culture as it is seen to hamper ongoing projects Until the next person is hired, the work continues to suffer. This shows how the retention of the right talent is important.

Hence the Zyoin chief sees the need for constant motivation of the employees. The pharma industry jobs involves time and patience for productive results. But the employee's motivation is somewhat lacking. It becomes a challenge for HR professionals to keep employees motivated in the process, he said.

Some of the strategies by which HR professionals to ameliorate the challenges is by offering a higher pay. This provides them with a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction at work. There is also a need for employee engagement with new activities introduced by the HR professionals. There is need to be constantly connected with the employees and provide continuous feedback, thus making consistent efforts in employee engagement in the office. In addition, they need to be provided with a career growth ladder with promotion policies, good compensation, expert benefits, which would help retain them in the firm for a longer period, said Agarwal.


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