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Seeds of Innocence unveils mega campaign for infertility treatment

Our Bureau, Mumbai
Monday, January 30, 2023, 16:10 Hrs  [IST]

Seeds of Innocence, North India's premier IVF and fertility treatment provider, has launched a mega campaign for infertility treatment, 'BigIVF- Seed sahi TohBirthDefect nahi'.
It is a comprehensive fertility programme launched across 15 IVF & fertility centres in 8 states of India. With an aim to deliver high-end technology-based infertility treatments through innovative reproductive genetic, foetal medicine and genetic screening services, this program is a blessing for couples aspiring to become parents despite multiple failed IVF cycles, miscarriages, genetic diseases or genetic abnormality in the previous pregnancy.
'BigIVF- Seed sahi TohBirthDefect nahi' programme is the brainchild of the visionary IVF specialist Dr Gauri Agrawal, who is an established pioneer in implementing path-breaking research & the use of new technologies/techniques and the founder of Seeds of Innocence.
While treating infertility among patients across the country, Dr Gauri Agrawal observed that people do not understand the reason for multiple failed IVF cycles or their miscarriages. It was this observation that led to the dawn of the revolutionary programme 'BigIVF- Seed sahi TohBirthDefect nahi', which caters for the missing link in it, i.e., reproductive genetics, a big game changer in IVF treatment.
Citing her experience, Dr Gauri Agarwal, founder & director, Seeds of Innocence, said, “What really led me to make reproductive genetics an integral part of our ART protocol at Seeds of Innocence was when I came across a couple from Jharkhand who finally used their life savings for IVF after 11 years of marriage and successfully conceived in the 2nd attempt, however, their world came shattering when the foetus was diagnosed with down syndrome during ante-natal scans. With science by our side, this should not happen to anyone.”
The programme has been launched across all 15 IVF & fertility centres in 8 Indian states, owned & operated by Seeds of innocence, with genetic counselling, preconception genetic testing for couples, pre-implantation genetic screening of embryos, foetal medicine and ante-natal genetic screening as core services further enhancing the IVF journey of all patients. The newly launched Centre of Excellence for Reproductive Genetics will benefit various segments: male infertility, couples with known genetic diseases and those trying at an advanced maternal age.
“Implementing the most advanced in-house genetic testing lab, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge technology available under the expertise of our team comprising reproductive specialists, geneticists, and foetal medicine experts, gives the intended parents the best chance at becoming parents to a healthy child,” added Dr Gauri.
It is worth noting that Seeds of Innocence was also the first IVF centre in the country to establish an in-house genetic testing lab in 2017. Genetic screening (PGS/PGD) is used in IVF to achieve success rates of up to 78 per cent with an assurance of a healthy term pregnancy and a genetically healthy baby.
Dr Gauri Agarwal was recently awarded the 2022 Economic Times Hall of Fame IVF specialist, and Seeds of Innocence received the IVF Chain of the Year (North) 2022.


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