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Ruby Hall Clinic gets advanced Bi-Plane Cath Lab

Our Bureau, Mumbai
Saturday, February 25, 2023, 12:45 Hrs  [IST]

Ruby Hall Clinic, one of the leading healthcare institutions in Pune, has announced the arrival and launch of a new, advanced medical imaging device known as the Bi-Plane Cath Lab.
The first of its kind in Pune, the equipment will bring a whole new level of care in the diagnosis and interventional procedures in neuropathy, oncology, vascular pathologies and associated areas. The Cath Lab will be used where complex intervention is required, while at the same time patients prefer minimally invasive treatment. Additionally, it emits “ultra-low” levels of radiation and provides exceptional, multi-dimensional imaging, helping both the doctor and patient at the same time.
“Stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease and dementia, the most common serious neurological conditions prevalent in India, cause almost 9 lakh deaths annually. Many of the underlying sub-types of the conditions, as well as their overall mortality rates, are on the rise”, said Lomesh Bhirud, neurologist & neuro-interventionist, Ruby Hall Clinic, speaking about the importance of the lab.
“Other ailments like peripheral vascular diseases, complex tumours, vascular aneurysms, complex biliary strictures, etc are on the rise, and this new facility with technologies like Emboguide, XerCT and Aneurysm Flow is of great help to perform interventions for patients with great accuracy. The influx of cutting-edge technology in this area of medicine is thus imperative,” added Dr Yadav Munde, vascular & interventional radiologist at the hospital.
Exemplifying its novelty, Dr Yadav Munde also created history on February 16, by performing a Mediastinal Mass Biopsy under a lung suite in the lab for the first time in India.
In this procedure, a CT scan is done in the Cath Lab and once a “target” (the area of interest) is marked, the suite gives the doctors the exact point of entry in the skin they should use, the directions to reach the target, as well as confirmation when they do so, enabling them to take the biopsy safely. They are also able to recheck the CT scan whenever they need to during and after the procedure. Advantage here is the amount of radiation to the patient is very low compared to normal CT scan and the time required for procedure is also very less.


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