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NABH to organize one-day conference to mark World Patient Safety Day on September 17

Shardul Nautiyal, Mumbai
Friday, September 1, 2023, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) is organizing one-day conference under the theme “Engaging patients for patient safety” to mark World Patient Safety Day 2023 on September 17. The conference will host a well-knit structural program to learn and deep dive into all the aspects of patient safety on the occasion of World Patient Safety Day.

World Patient Safety Day is observed annually in recognition of the crucial role patients, families and caregivers play in the safety of health care.

World Patient Safety Day is one of WHO’s global public health days established in 2019 by the 72nd World Health Assembly. Each year, a new theme is selected to highlight a priority patient safety area for action. Evidence shows that when patients are treated as partners in their care, significant gains are made in safety, patient satisfaction and health outcomes. The World Patient Safety Day is a campaign for all stakeholders in the health care system to work together and share engagement to improve patient safety.

Professionals eligible for the conference include CEOs, medical directors, hospital administrators, departmental heads, nursing leaders, superintendents, supervisors, staff nurses, students, hospital quality teams, healthcare quality experts, healthcare quality and patient safety enthusiasts, MHA and MBA students.

Objectives of World Patient Safety Day 2023 are, on the one hand, to sensitize healthcare organizations and medical and nursing staff to how they can integrate and hear the voice of patients even more, and on the other hand, to empower patients themselves with their voice and make them aware of the importance of their role in healthcare.

Patient engagement and "speak up" are important concepts in healthcare to ensure that patients are actively involved in their treatment and that their needs and concerns are addressed. "Speak up" refers to the patient's ability to express their concerns or questions about health care. When patients raise their concerns, they can help identify and resolve potential problems early on. Patient engagement refers to the participation of patients in their own treatment. When patients are actively involved in their treatment, they can better understand and make more confident decisions about their healthcare.

This can also help improve patient safety by encouraging patients to ask questions and participate in decision-making. Together, patient engagement and "Speak Up" can help improve the quality of healthcare and help ensure patients have a positive experience.

Through the slogan “Elevate the voice of patients!”, WHO calls on all stakeholders to take necessary action to ensure that patients are involved in policy formulation, are represented in governance structures, are engaged in co-designing safety strategies, and are active partners in their own care. This can only be achieved by providing platforms and opportunities for diverse patients, families, and communities to raise their voice, concerns, expectations and preferences to advance safety, patient centeredness, trustworthiness, and equity.


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