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Jaslok Hospital witnesses Mumbai's efforts to save lives through organ transplantation with the recent one from a brain dead patient

Our Bureau, Mumbai
Tuesday, September 26, 2023, 17:45 Hrs  [IST]

Jaslok Hospital has witnessed Mumbai's families’ efforts to save lives through organ transplantation of their deceased family member with the recent one from a brain dead patient, as per the Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (ZTCC) norms.
In the year 2023, Mumbai has seen the generosity of 33 families who have consented and donated the organs of their deceased beloved family member, from which 5 such generous families are from Jaslok Hospital.
Jaslok Hospital recently announced a significant organ donation of Gayatri Vijay Pawar including her liver, two kidneys, and corneas, which has brought hope to several patients in need. This noble gesture was made possible under the expert care of Dr. Nihar Mehta, and it reflects the hospital's ongoing dedication to the cause of organ donation.
In accordance with the Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (ZTCC) norms, one kidney was sent to Jupiter Hospital, while the corneas were entrusted to the bank for allocation to a recipient in need. Jaslok Hospital successfully utilized Gayatri Vijay Pawar's liver and one of her kidneys, bringing renewed hope and health to patients facing organ failure. Patients in need may contact National Organ Donation and Transplant Toll Free Help Line at 1800 103 7100.
This organ donation from Gayatri marks a significant contribution to Mumbai's efforts to save lives through organ transplantation. Reflecting on this remarkable act of generosity, Jitendra Haryan, CEO, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, stated, "Gayatri Vijay Pawar's family's act embodies the essence of humanity and compassion. Her legacy will live on in the lives she has saved through her organ donation. We are immensely grateful to her family for their courageous decision during this difficult time. The hospital remains committed to its mission of providing exceptional healthcare and promoting the noble cause of organ donation."
A 65-year-old woman Gayatri Vijay Pawar, born in 1957, was admitted to Jaslok Hospital on September 20, 2023, under the care of Dr. Nihar Mehta. Tragically, on September 22, 2023, she was declared brain dead. In the face of this sorrowful moment, her family chose to honor her memory by donating her vital organs, providing a lifeline to those in desperate need.
Dr. Nihar Mehta, associate director, Department of Structural Heart Diseases, Jaslok Hospital, the attending physician, commended Gayatri's family’s generosity, stating, "Organ donation is an act of supreme humanity. Gayatri's family’s selflessness will leave an enduring legacy and serve as an inspiration for others to consider this life-saving act."
Pravin Chawan, Gayatri Pawar's brother, played a pivotal role in facilitating this act of kindness. The donor family, in a joint statement, expressed their sentiments, saying, "Our beloved Gayatri has left an indelible mark on this world through this kindness and generosity. We hope this act of organ donation inspires others to consider this noble cause. We find solace in knowing that a part of her lives on in those she has helped."
The Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre is one of the oldest tertiary care, multi-specialty Trust hospitals of the country.


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