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NephroPlus launches short stay daily dialysis to prevent toxin -fluid build-up, improve patient longevity

Nandita Vijay, Bengaluru
Friday, August 23, 2013, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

NephroPlus Kidney Care Centres has launched short daily dialysis to improve the quality of life of end-stage renal failure patients. The concept is known to save two hours as against the conventional average of four to six hours dialysis. Now the short stay service requires a patient to undergo only two hours of dialysis.

Normally dialysis patients are required to undergo dialysis thrice a week resulting in a gap of one to two days between each session. The decreased time gap between sessions helps in reducing the toxin and fluid build-up that causes strain to the heart and in turn improves longevity for the patients. All 15 centres of NephroPlus offer this treatment.

In India around 43 per cent of the dialysis patients succumb to cardiovascular diseases. Understanding the urgency for better outcomes and controlling mortality due to cardiovascular diseases among dialysis patients, kidney care specialist NephroPlus had introduced short daily dialysis, an advanced dialysis treatment which according to them is a first in the country.

Short daily dialysis is a new concept and yet to gain momentum in India. Not only does it offer health benefits, it also enables patients to feel close to normal as they need to spend much less time on dialysis as well as have fewer diet and fluid restrictions, Kamal Shah, co-founder & director Patient Services, NephroPlus Kidney Care Centres told Pharmabiz

“In fact, the short daily dialysis is used among many patients in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. At NephroPlus, we strongly believe that Indian patients should have access to the latest and the best in medicine and that is why we decided to offer this to our guests in India as well,” he added.

The cost of short daily dialysis is Rs.999 per session. This is very reasonable considering that the dialysis sessions are actually double the regular number of sessions. The advantage derived from this is also great compared to the extra cost.

Patients report to having a much better quality of life on this modality. The diet and fluid restrictions are fewer and especially patients who work find it easier to fit this into their schedules than conventional thrice weekly dialysis, he added.

The kind of medical intervention that is required for short stay dialysis included a prescription from the nephrologist permitting the patient to be fit for short daily dialysis. Other than that, since this therapy is gentler than conventional hemodialysis, the intervention required is less than the conventional modality. Typically, patients who are working prefer to adopt this modality. Clinically, however, most patients are suitable for this modality.


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