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Polyclone collaborates with Biochemize to offer enzyme engineering services as part of EBTC mission

Our Bureau, Bengaluru
Wednesday, December 10, 2014, 16:00 Hrs  [IST]

Bengaluru-based Polyclone has now collaborated with Spain’s Biochemize to advance its offerings in enzyme engineering. The segment has many applications across the interdisciplinary sub-sectors of biotechnology.

The collaboration is a result of the European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) last year, where a partnering session was organised to foster EU-India business and research relationships.

According to Dr. Geetha Swamilingiah, biotechnology sector specialist, EBTC, both companies have now inked the deal and we would help address a few of the issues related to the regulatory frameworks,  IPR and technology transfer hurdles moving forward.

Biochemize S.L. is a biotechnology company focussed on the design and development of processes based on biocatalysis and microbial fermentation for the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Under the pact it would utilise Polyclone’s in silico enzyme engineering framework (eEF) to strengthen its core services.

“Through this collaboration, strategic synergies between activities and scientific-technological platforms of both companies are reinforced, in such a way that experimental results and the in silico models will boost the capacity for launching new, more specific, high performance engineered enzymes, to better fit the customers’ need for better, safer, more specific, stable and competitive enzymes” said  Dr. Jaume Mir, CEO, Biochemize.

Computational tools have aided and accelerated discovery in biotech- pharma industry. Application of advanced techniques like Quantum Mechanics and Molecular Modelling have further revealed unprecedented data points giving a whole new dimension of knowledge to the mechanics of enzyme substrate reactions, said Naveen Kulkarni, CEO of Polyclone.

“Our in silico enzyme engineering framework precisely provides this bridge to develop better enzymes, and the partnership with Biochemise brings to the table the knowledge about enzymes and assays that are relevant and industrially important to embark on a journey to bring productivity to businesses”, said Polyclone's chief.


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