Patient care via telemedicine bridges diagnosis gap regardless of geographical distances and time barriers: Rahul Paith

Nandita Vijay, BengaluruThursday, August 9, 2018, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

Patient care via telemedicine bridges diagnosis gap regardless of geographical distances and time barriers. This platform ensures healthcare is affordable and easily accessible. It is all about convenience including doctor consultation’s anytime and from anywhere, besides doorstep delivery of medicines, diagnostic tests at home to saves time, stated Rahul Paith, COO, DocOnline.

This business model in healthcare ensures private and confidential conversations between doctor and patients leading to better consultation conclusions. It also benefits employers of companies to reduce absenteeism, ensure continued productivity and a healthier workforce, he added.

Visible trends are that telemedicine companies also provide business process automation services across various healthcare verticals. It helps in the digitization of clinics and hospitals by integrating the latest technology with the existing medical processes, thus facilitating seamless operations, Paith told Pharmabiz.

However the challenge is the lack of seriousness about healthcare from the end consumer. People procrastinate decisions related to their health. However there is a growing awareness about being healthy which is gaining a lot of traction across all age groups. There is also the need to educate corporates on being engaged with a healthy workforce. Yet another issue is that telemedicine is a marriage of technology with healthcare. Given that should there be even the slightest of glitches in facilitating the service, it will be defeating the purpose. Hence, there is a need to facilitate flawless technical service to streamline smooth doctor consultation, he said.

DocOnline ‘s concept of ‘preferred language’ for patients to  consult a doctor in their own regional parlance is one of the novel features of its telemedicine solution, stated the company.

The Hyderabad-based DocOnline was conceived by Markus Moding from Sweden who recognized the potential of telemedicine in India. Therefore the investors are well entrenched and will continue to back the venture, said Paith.

The business model at present is generating a lot of venture capital and private equity interest. Now DocOnline platform will expand across India in 2018 particularly Top Tier 1, 2 & 3 cities and also plans also to be available abroad.

Karnataka is a well-recognized healthcare hub with extensive telemedicine access. The key advantage here is the cosmopolitan environment with people speaking in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Hindi, English. This has allowed us to weave into the fabric of the Karnataka with ‘preferred languages’ which is increasingly being accepted. Further we have collaborated with MedPlus and Thyrocare to enable medicine delivery and diagnostics. Efforts to increase partnership in the healthcare ecosystem are on the cards, he said.