Nizam era Unani Hospital in Hyderabad in shambles with no proper infrastructure facilities

A Raju, HyderabadThursday, December 2, 2021, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

While on one hand the state government of Telangana is claiming that it has allocated huge funds for installing most modern equipments, built all necessary infrastructure facilities and is ensuring all essential medicines available at the primary, community, area and district level hospitals across the state, here is a Nizam era Hospital, which is in dilapidated condition with no government attention.

The Government Nizamia General Hospital which is popularly known as Charminar Unani Hospital, one of the most popular hospitals built by the Nizam of Hyderabad, is now in a shambles as the state government completely neglected this age old hospital offering Unani system of medical treatment to the people in Hyderabad.

At present, the hospital has strength of 180 bed capacities for in patients, while every day more than 500 out patients visit for availing treatment for various diseases. Currently, the age old Unani hospital building also accommodates the Government Unani Medical College, which is one and the only Unani medical college run in the entire Telangana state by the government.

According to Dr.  Kavitha Nirugonda, Superintendent of Nizamia Hospital, the state government has completely neglected the hospital since past many years now. “The physical structure of this age old hospital requires renovation. The roofs are leaking and the walls are getting moist and swollen. The doctors and patients in the hospital are under constant fear, as the patches may fall down anytime causing grave injuries to the patients, medical students and the treating doctors,” says Dr Kavitha.

Not just the patient wards, but the toilets, bathrooms and washrooms in the hospital are under pathetic condition. No patient or attendant can use them as they are stinking and kept unclean which may lead to spreading of infectious diseases.

“In fact hospitals should help the patient cure from the diseases, but here in Nizamia Unani Hospital, the patients and medical students fear that they may get infected with diseases if they use the shabby toilets. We are demanding to the concerned department heads and the state government must look into the matter immediately and ensure the age old Unani Heritage Hospital building is renovated and all necessary medical equipment needed be installed to facilitate the patients, medical students and doctors at the hospital,” demanded Abdul Khadir, a final year Unani medical student from the Nizamia Hospital and Medical College.