RetinAI launches AI-powered Discovery CORE to accelerate clinical and academic research

Bern, SwitzerlandFriday, December 2, 2022, 17:00 Hrs  [IST]

RetinAI Medical AG (RetinAI), a leader in developing software solutions for image processing and artificial intelligence in ophthalmology, to launch Discovery CORE with AI for retinal fluid and layer segmentation.

Discovery CORE and its AI models have been designed to accelerate data analysis and help clinical and academic researchers collaborate more efficiently, in real time, with their peers, on medical and imaging datasets.

The software measures retinal fluid volumes and layer thickness across OCT datasets automatically in real time. Further, it integrates annotation tools and electronic case report forms, which enable new data insights to be collected across peer networks, keeping the information digitized, centralized and secure. The functionality of CORE can be used to assess disease endpoints at scale, jump-start the building of registries and real-world evidence datasets, and help with shared workflows to evaluate data, train physicians and establish best practices within the clinic.

Discovery CORE uses RetinAI’s CE-marked fluid and layer segmentation AI models to quickly visualize and generate measures such as fluid volumes and retinal layer thickness on OCT volumes. The AI models can be processed on DICOM and other vendor-specific formats for OCT. With the AI model for fluid segmentation, CORE measures volumes for subretinal and intraretinal fluid (SRF and IRF), and pigment epithelium detachment (PED). The AI model for layer segmentation measures total retinal thickness as well as layer thickness for 6 individual layers of the retina, including the photoreceptor and retinal pigment epithelium layer.

RetinAI is excited to offer Discovery CORE and its AI as a free trial for the first 2 months for users signing up on the platform. Following the free trial, users can subscribe to Discovery CORE and its AI for 179 € per month per user to access fluid and layer AI models and other user-friendly features to accelerate their data analysis and collaboration across clinical and research datasets.

RetinAI Medical AG (RetinAI), founded in early 2017, is a Swiss company developing software solutions to accelerate clinical, research and pharmaceutical workflows globally using advanced machine learning and computer vision.