T S Jaishankar to speak at global meet on BABE-2011 in Las Vegas, USA on June 6

Peethaambaran Kunnathoor, ChennaiTuesday, May 31, 2011, 08:00 Hrs  [IST]

The chairman of the Confederation of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry (CIPI), T S Jayashankar will represent India in the International Congress on ‘Bio - Availability-Bio - Equivalence (BABE-2011) and Pharmaceutica-2011’ to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada , USA on June 6, this year.

Jayashankar, who is the managing director of Quest Life Sciences, a clinical research centre in Chennai has been invited to the function as a guest of honour by the organizing committee, OMICS Group Conferences. He will deliver a speech based on the theme of the conference 'Analyse Novel Approaches of Bio-equivalence & Bioavailability studies and Advancements in Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems.'

Before leaving to US, in a chat with Pharmabiz, Jaishankar said India is one of the fastest growing clinical research destinations with a growth rate of 2.5 times of the overall market growth. With drug research and development work force, the country is the world’s third largest producer of drugs by volume. It has over 100 FDA approved manufacturing units and filed the maximum number of ANDAs which is more than the number of ANDAs filed by US companies.

He said he intends to speak on bio-availability and bio-equivalence in Indian context. “our country’s strength in formulation development and new drug delivery system are backed by excellent chemistry and bio analytical techniques which has brought down the cost of bio equivalence studies without compromising international standards,” he said.

About researches and surveys, the CIPI chairman said, India is rated as one of the most attractive destination for clinical trials and bio equivalence studies by various surveys. The country’s capability in bio equivalence has evolved with exceptionally good knowledge, highly trained and skilled technical man power in bio analytical services including method development, validation and sample processing.

In an email to Pharmabiz, Dr Gedela Babu, member, organizing committee, BABE-2011, said the conference will have the platform to meet fellow key decision makers all around the academic institutions, healthcare institutes, pharmaceutical, biotech, CROs supply chain, logistics practitioners to share experience on bio-equivalence, bio-availability, pharmaceutics and novel drug delivery systems. 150 eminent speakers from 30 more countries will participate in the conference.

The BABE-2011 will highlight the topics such as pharmacokinetics, bioavailability & bio-equivalence, novel drug delivery systems, strategies & challenges in bio-analysis, bio-analytical methodology development & validation using HPLC and LC-MS. Other subjects include PK/PD & Drug Discovery, Regulatory and economical aspects in bioavailability and bioequivalence.

In Pharmaceutica-2011, the speakers will focus on Design, Discovery and Development of drugs, Bio-pharmaceutical development, Quality management system in pharmaceutical industry, Identification and characterization of drugs, Novel drug delivery systems and Regulatory and economical aspects of novel drug delivery systems.

Apart from Jayashankar, Dr Yellela Sri Rama Krishnaiah, Hixiao Hong from US FDA, Dr George Perry, University of Texas, Dr Bolin Gen from Astra Zeneca R&D, Boston, Dr Cheng Wang from National centre for Toxicological Research, US FDA, Dr Huang Wenlin from Sun Yat Sen University, China,  Dr Jian Li from Monash University, Australia, Dr Maryse Picher from Zintro Inc, USA, Dr Michael Retsky from Hard ward school of Public health, USA, Dr Pierre Girtin from Laval University, Canada, Dr Sudhakar Akulappally, Boys Town National Research Hospital, USA, Dr Xiaoyan Jiang from University of British Columbia, Canada, Dr Barbara M Davit from US FDA and Dr Ethan M Stier from US FDA will speak on various sessions in the conference.