Dr Vaidya’s Ankur Fertility Centre to deploy IMSI technology for IVF procedures

Our Bureau, MumbaiFriday, September 23, 2011, 12:40 Hrs  [IST]

Dr Vaidya’s Ankur Fertility Centre, a fertility centre offering IVF, ICSI and IMSI treatments to infertile couples from all over the world, became the first individually owned IVF centre in Maharashtra to deploy state-of-the-art Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) equipment, an internationally accepted technique to ensure higher rate of successful pregnancies, that significantly increases the chances of viable pregnancy as compared to the currently available procedure of Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). This revolutionary new technique also reduces the early abortion rate in In-Vitro Fertilisation  (IVF) pregnancies by a considerable 40 per cent. In India, where almost 20 per cent of the population suffers from infertility and a large proportion of these patients ultimately seek expensive IVF treatment, this technology provides the benefits of lower overall costs for couples trying to start a family.

The IMSI equipment magnifies the sperm 7000 times as compared to 200 times in prevalent ICSI technologies. At such high magnification an embryologist can easily detect any morphological defects in the sperm. There are several physical defects that can be easily identified using the IMSI equipment. For example, intra-nuclear vacuoles, subtle intra-nuclear  sperm defects and the chromatin compaction defects get easily detected which the prevalent  technique fails to capture due to lower magnification.

Dr Yona Barak, renowned fertility specialist based in Israel and a part of the team that pioneered IMSI, explained, “The world over IMSI equipment is being used more and more by embryologists as it enables them to ensure a better success rate in creating a viable embryo. IVF can be a costly and emotionally challenging procedure for childless couples. Any reduction in IVF cycles is welcome by parents-to-be and IMSI provides that opportunity to IVF centres.”

IMSI empowers the embryologist to select only morphologically normal sperms for fertilization. This  leads  to  higher  fertilization  rates, higher implantation  rates and  ultimately,  higher  'take home  baby'  rates. IMSI also helps reduce  early  abortion  rates  by  40 percent thereby  improving  ultimate  outcome of  the  test  tube  baby  technique.

Dr RS Vaidya, IVF consultant, Ankur Fertility Centre, said, “Even a modest increase in fertilization translates into very high probability of successful pregnancies. A 40 percent decrease in early abortion rates is unheard of in IVF treatments and can be significantly beneficial for patients undergoing these procedures. For couples undergoing assisted parenthood, this has enormous impact – financially, emotionally, physically as well as psychologically.”
An IVF specialist may decide to use IMSI technique under a number of circumstances. Firstly, IMSI may be used for patients with more than two ICSI failures (test tube baby failures). Secondly, patients where there is severe male factor abnormality. For example, severe oligoasthenospermia (low sperm count or low sperm motility), normal sperm count but higher percentage of abnormal sperms or for elderly male partners. Thirdly, for patients who abort repeatedly in the first trimester (12 weeks) inspite of getting pregnant through ICSI technique where conventional ICSI does succeed, but pregnancy repeatedly results in early abortions. And lastly, IMSI may be used in case of patients suffering from prolonged unexplained infertility.