SRL Diagnostics offer preventive healthcare tips on International Day of Action for Women's Health

Our Bureau, MumbaiThursday, May 14, 2015, 12:50 Hrs  [IST]

SRL Diagnostics, a leading global diagnostics chain, released a four zone specific study report highlighting health disorders afflicting women in India. The national study declared major diseases such as anaemia, cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, vitamin D deficiency & osteoporosis, urinary tract infection, PCODs thyroid disorder, breast cancer and cervical cancer affecting women in India at large.

As per the latest World Health Statistics report, out of 6.3 million people suffering from lifestyle diseases in India, 30.8 per cent of the female population have faced several health ailments due to the same.

As per the research by SRL Diagnostics, the emphasis is on preventive healthcare which is possible only with the help of early diagnosis. Women’s health typically fall into 3 broad age group bands catering for the mid-life period of significant hormonal changes related to menopause. The three age group categories for health checks are often delineated as - below 40 years, 40-50 years and above 50 years. These coincide with the occurrence of major milestones and hence prevention is required.
A woman, below 40 years of age, should test lipid profile and hsCRP, on a regular interval as a preventive marker for heart diseases,  baselines of diabetes markers, the fasting blood sugar, post prandial blood sugar and HbA1c and also of kidney and liver functions, low vitamin D levels are very prevalent amongst women due to reduced sun exposure while maintaining serum vitamin D levels is essential to ensure that there is adequate absorption of calcium, vitamin B12 is also a good screening test useful for women who have strict vegetarian diets.

For the age group 40-50 years, apart from the tests mentioned above, as this is a phase of significant hormonal changes the following are often included into packages often on a doctor’s advice Hormonal tests often prescribed to be done on day 3 of the cycle are FSH, Estradiol, LSH and Prolactin. Tests such as Inhibin B and Anti Mullerian Hormone may be prescribed by your Physician if your symptoms mimic menopause closely, Tests such as TMT and 2 D echocardiogram can be added on at this stage as in this age group usually menopause approaches and estrogen levels start dipping; estrogen is the protective hormone to women against heart diseases and post menopause makes a woman more vulnerable to cardio vascular diseases.
Above 50 years of age other tests which can be added on to screen for Osteoporosis, Audiometry if hearing disorders are suspected and stool occult blood in case of vague Gastro intestinal complaints.
Sedentary lifestyles and immense stress and pressure faced at workplace and homes have lead to numerous health issues being reported by women. Whether or not you're genetically inclined towards certain diseases, SRL recommends that most ailments can be overcome if a disease is caught in an early stage.