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  India’s expertise in computational chemistry to propel drug development: Krishnakumar Muraleedharan,   July 12, 2024
  NIPERs need to establish comprehensive ecosystem for entrepreneurship: DoP study,   July 08, 2024
  PLI scheme for pharmaceuticals witnesses investment of Rs. 940 crore in May,   June 29, 2024
  Pharma industry unites for quality excellence at 9th GPQS in Mumbai,   June 28, 2024
  Gujarat receives Rs. 18,155 crore investment as part of VGGS 2023: Dr H G Koshia,   June 24, 2024
  Gujarat FDCA to set up a dedicated common testing facility at first bulk drugs park at Jambusar in Bharuch,   June 19, 2024
  FDI inflow into hospitals & diagnostic centres grows 89 per cent in 2023-24,   June 18, 2024
  FDI equity inflow into pharma sector declines 48 per cent in FY24,   June 10, 2024
  Indian pharma prioritises safety & security measures to protect research data, patents, and other proprietary information,   June 08, 2024
  Pharmac South 2024 could build wide network for TN MSMEs to increase business: Industry leaders,   June 05, 2024
  Growing number of lifesciences GCCs underscores India’s importance in R&D and clinical trials,   June 01, 2024
  Indian pharma offers lucrative jobs even as economic uncertainties trigger global pharma layoffs,   May 16, 2024
  Investments based on IEMs filed in pharma sector see over two-fold growth in 2023,   May 14, 2024
  Embassy of Russia in India unveils economic potential of Omsk Region to Indian businesses to boost pharma sector,   May 02, 2024
  Pharma companies need to explore various pricing strategies for optimum utilisation of patent-cliff: DoP study,   April 23, 2024
  State govt promises all help to spur pharma sector in West Bengal: WBPMA,   April 18, 2024
  FDI inflow into hospitals & diagnostic centres grows 90% in first nine months of 2023-24,   April 17, 2024
  Industry invests in QR code, RFID, blockchain and holograms to thwart counterfeits,   April 13, 2024
  Indian pharma makes a return to penicillin G manufacture with PLI scheme,   April 05, 2024
  FDI equity inflow into pharma sector reports decline of 50% in first three quarters of FY24,   April 04, 2024

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