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CliniVantage launches CareMate Health ATM to offer point of care screening across Maharashtra

Our Bureau, Mumbai
Tuesday, March 17, 2020, 10:30 Hrs  [IST]

CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies Inc., one of the fastest growing Integrated healthcare technology platform and part of Startup Health’s “Access to Care Moonshot” has launched a CareMate Health ATM to offer point of care screening across Maharashtra.

Clinivantage has designed an end to end process with this single integrated machine to diagnose acute conditions without the need to enter into a clinic, while engaging their doctors and hospitals. CareMate solves basic challenges using it’s integrated platform: Last mile care, Immediate diagnostics and screening tests, Connectivity to any doctor, Referral with any hospital and Maintain a longitudinal patient record.

CareMate Health ATM is cutting edge and unique in its offering, providing over 64+ tests, and many more can be added via the Clinivantage’s open technology platform. The costs of the tests vary from Rs. 20 to Rs. 500 and takes about 10 - 30 minutes, providing for hassle-free and automatic capturing of vital health parameters in an easy to follow report format with referrals to clinics and secondary/tertiary hospitals in the vicinity.

The patient gets registered through MyLife mobile application, a personal medical health record app by CliniVantage, empowering patients through complete access of their health records. This app integrates with PMS, EMR, PACS, LIS and HIS. This is an extremely popular CRM tool to improve patient satisfaction, acquisition and retention for doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Nilesh Jain, co-founder & managing director, CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies said, “We are thrilled to launch the Integrated CareMate Health ATM platform. With the increasing prevalence of diseases, the mandate is no longer about diagnostics, but, about preventive screenings and early identification of diseases. This is precisely where this technology plays such a pivotal role. With our services integrated CareMate Health ATM, we aim to provide a hassle-free and simple way to get done with the tests that otherwise would require days and the anxiousness of sitting for reports. Clinics / Hospitals, especially being in a fast-paced environment is in dire need for such an ATM. It is our promise to deliver quality care to everyone, regardless of the location or income in collaboration with doctors, clinics and hospitals.”

Jain further added, “Today, the outbreak of COVID-19 is an alarming concern for all us. Through an integrated technology like Caremate ATM we can instantly know rapid test, temperature, BP, and other parameters, with patient records and digital details for all airports and schools or districts.  We can also provide pre-screening through our health ATM and know the suspected cases with their case history by testing for Corona COVID-19. This will help in immediate diagnoses of patients at entry and exit points in places like airports, stations, educational institutions (schools/colleges) and hospitals.”

When the patient approaches CareMate, their data gets reflected in the ATM via PMS. Patients tests are conducted through the ATM of which the results are shared with doctors who prescribe diagnosis and medications. The ATM connects with various local doctors, hospitals and clinics through teleconference or video conference in real time. The patient receives all paperwork that is printed at the ATM and the same information will be saved in their mobile app and patient portal as well.

CliniVantage’s disruptive SaaS model connects the providers, doctors and patients on their comprehensive health-tech platform to ensure better care delivery and patient experience.

CliniVantage disrupts the way healthcare professionals engage with patients. It helps healthcare (providers) leaders take strides in improving their digital capabilities and not only have the chance of improving patient satisfaction, but also the opportunity to boost their own efficiencies and improve cost optimization.

The aim of this platform is to realize patient-centric care, where services by providers are tailored to individuals, and available to support lifestyles that are healthy and fulfilling to the new generation of the population; lead by clinicians and defined by consumers. It also makes it possible to manage and utilize healthcare data throughout the care continuum, accelerate provider lead creation of cross-industry services using health and medical information, including that by hospitals and clinics.

CliniVantage Healthcare Technologies Inc., a health-tech start up launched in 2018, is a comprehensive healthcare platform that delivers various PaaS-based healthcare solutions for clinical, non-clinical, radiology and administrative services.


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